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Wednesday news!

Today’s top story: screw Black Friday, we’re releasing the first single from the forthcoming Bone Walker soundtrack NOW! Because we CAN!

Dara’s got her post up about it right over here, in which you can stream the premaster mix of “Something’s Coming” right off of Bandcamp. If you’re inclined, you can buy that single. AND you can preorder the album!

If you backed the Kickstarter, you of course don’t need to actually buy it because we will be sending it to you. But DO spread the word! And check out the previews of the other tracks that’ll be coming!

We’ll be doing the official release for this thing at the next Conflikt in January, along with the release for the actual Bone Walker novel! SO EXCITING. Stand by for more on this as it happens!


As I think I’ve mentioned before, Dara and I are fans of the Doctor Who Podcast, one of the many Doctor-themed podcasts available for your listening pleasure. In addition to reviewing new episodes when they come out, they have extensive knowledge of the Classic-era series as well as the Big Finish audio range, and all of their presenters are just generally fun to listen to.

One of the things we find particularly charming about them is the jingle they wrote for whenever they review a Big Finish release! It goes like this:

Big Finish with Ian! And Michelle from across the Atlantic Ocean!
Ian from UK, and Michelle from the United States!
Reviewing Big Finish, sorting out the wheat from the chaff and nonsense
Saving you money on the ones that are not so good!

It’s insidiously catchy, enough that every time we hear it show up in an episode of the podcast, we start singing along. Hell, THEY’VE even songvirused themselves with it.

So the other night I said to Dara, “I wonder if this thing would work as a round!” And the fun thing about having a spouse with her own music studio? She can FIND OUT.

Behold! Dara’s round edition of the Doctor Who Podcast Big Finish Review Theme!


And while we’re on the topic of things you should signalboost, don’t forget, Faerie Blood is ON SALE for $2.99 until this coming Monday! All the details are right over here!

I will also honor the sale price for anyone who wants to buy the ebook directly from me in the format of their choice!


Last but DEFINITELY not least, Victory of the Hawk is now available for preorder as well AND has shown up on Goodreads. So if you’d like to get in some preorder love on Book 3 of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, NOW IS THE TIME! Links are on the Victory of the Hawk page!

And if you haven’t read Valor or Vengeance yet, now would also be a VERY good time to get caught up on those. If you haven’t read anything of my writing at all yet, or if you’ve just read Faerie Blood and aren’t sure whether you’d like my high fantasy, you can even see some shiny samples that’ll let you read up to 10 percent of each book, provided courtesy of Overdrive! The samples are available on the Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter pages!

Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter

New samples for Valor and Vengeance!

Harlequin alerted us authors at Carina to a Nifty Thing: namely, that you can sample our books before committing to buying them, courtesy of functionality up on!

I have therefore elected to add the Overdrive samples for both Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter to their respective pages! Go to the Valor page or the Vengeance page and look for the “Read an excerpt” links. You should see the Overdrive sample come up in a popup window (note: this only works if you have Javascript active).

If you’d like to go directly over to the Overdrive pages for each book and see the samples there, you can do that here and here.

All hail the folks at Harlequin for making this available to its authors!

Rebels of Adalonia

For those of you who have read Valor and Vengeance

I need to do a post on Here Be Magic tomorrow, so I’d like to do a roundup of random interesting worldbuilding trivia about the setting of Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter!

So if you’ve read either or both of the books, and you have questions about any aspect of the world, drop me a comment and I’ll include it in the post that’ll go up tomorrow on the Here Be Magic blog!

Carina Press

How Apple users can get my Carina books in the UK

We’re having an interesting discussion on the Carina authors’ loop, where a few of us have reported in that readers in the UK can’t get Carina titles via the iBookstore. As Carina titles are available in the US iBookstore, you can expect we find this a little frustrating!

We’ve also been discussing that Carina’s own site has issues with not accepting UK-based methods of payment, so that means directing UK readers to the main Carina site won’t necessarily be a workable solution, either. Also frustrating!

However, we have determined that there are still viable ways for UK-based readers who happen to be owners of Apple devices to get Carina books. The drawback to this is that you have to be willing to buy books from sources other than the iBookstore.

(This post is long, so the details are behind the fold.)

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Vengeance of the Hunter

Vengeance of the Hunter is now available!

Y’all will have seen me enthusing about this on the social networks, but for the record, here’s the announcement post here too. Vengeance of the Hunter has SHIPPED! And here’s a roundup of related promo for your entertainment!


First up, my peeps at Here Be Magic are doing a Healer-themed week, and my post is today, all about the influences that led into Faanshi being a healer. Namely, Elfquest, Star Trek, and the novels of Gael Baudino. C’mon over to check out my post, and stick around for the other healer-themed posts this week! The starting post for the week was here.


Secondly, I’m hosted by the extremely awesome Mary Robinette Kowal, yes, THAT Mary Robinette Kowal, in her My Favorite Bit feature today! The post is here, in which I talk about one of my favorite parts of Vengeance. If you haven’t read Valor of the Healer yet, fear not, the bit I chose is reasonably spoiler-free.

Go check the post out, and while you’re there, check out Kowal’s own release this week–Valour and Vanity, book 4 of her Glamourist series! Which, I am pleased to say, showed up in my Kobo account today. Since I pre-ordered it and all. 😀


Last but not least, and this is exciting: I have been reviewed on the RT Book Reviews site! The post is here, and right now the full review is only available to subscribers to the magazine. However, I have been forwarded the full review. They gave me three stars and a perfectly lovely review, including this money quote:

Highland has crafted characters who are fully developed and three-dimensional, and her worldbuilding is thoughtfully complex.

Yeah, I’ll TOTALLY take that. And I think I may need to make a point of buying that issue of the zine. 😉


I have gone around the site and updated all the bits that talked about Vengeance, to make sure that everything’s labelled now to show that the book is indeed available. All the places I know about where you can buy it are now on its official page!

I haven’t heard yet if there will be an audio version of this book like there was with Valor, but rest assured, if I hear that’s happening, you’ll hear too. For now, many thanks to all who have pre-ordered the ebook, or who are buying it now that it’s available!

Stand by, too, because I’ll be having a post go up on Carina Press’ own site tomorrow!

Vengeance of the Hunter

Vengeance of the Hunter Release Day events!

Hey Internet! If you’re on some of the various social networks I am, you may be interested in knowing that I’ve set up a few release day events for the coming of Vengeance of the Hunter! Please feel free to mark any of these on your calendars, and share ’em with anybody who you feel might enjoy my books.

Facebook event

Google+ event

Goodreads event

The Facebook and Google+ events also include direct links as to where to pre-order the book. But I also have those right on the official page for the book! Vengeance IS available for pre-order as we speak, so if you’re so inclined, go and buy! It’s like Present You giving a gift to Future You!

Also, just in case Present You hasn’t read Valor of the Healer yet, I strongly and I mean STRONGLY encourage you to read that one first. All pertinent links to where to buy it are on its official page, including the audio edition!

Vengeance of the Hunter

Just for the record, Vengeance of the Hunter is not a romance novel

This is kind of exciting–I’m actually seeing Vengeance of the Hunter showing up in fiction roundups on a couple of fairly high-profile sites. Namely, and Heroes and Heartbreakers! Wow. 🙂

However, both of these roundup posts are mistaking me for writing romance. I’m not, despite the fact that I’ve got me a shirtless Julian on my cover for Vengeance of the Hunter. I do have a love story building in this trilogy, but it’s not actually the A plot. I’m better quantified as “fantasy with romantic elements” than outright romance or even romantic fantasy. Think Doranna Durgin before she started writing paranormal romance, or Tanya Huff’s fantasy novels, or early Esther Friesner. That’s the kind of flavor I aim for in my writing.

This, folks, is a side effect of my publisher for this trilogy targeting a lot of its marketing towards a romance-heavy audience. And I’m okay with that–the covers Carina has given me so far are a good compromise between their aiming towards the majority of Carina readers, and what I’m actually writing.

I just want to make sure that if you want to check out my stuff, you’re not confused by what’s on the cover!

Last but most assuredly not least, SF Signal has me in an April roundup post right over here. Scroll down to the V’s and you’ll see THIS.

REALLY Good Company

REALLY Good Company

I… WOW. I’m next to Tanya Huff and Mary Robinette Kowal. *^_^*;; Gosh. Makes me feel like a Real Writer!