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SURPRISE! Valor of the Healer and Vengeance of the Hunter sale!

Found out today that the first two books of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy are on SALE. Valor of the Healer has been punted down to 99 cents, and Vengeance of the Hunter is currently selling at $1.24 (or at least on iBooks, $1.99).

These prices are showing up on all major ebook vendors, AND on itself.

EDITING TO ADD: Valor and Vengeance are both still on sale, but as of 4/8 the sale price for each is $1.49 on major ebook vendors. On Carina Press’s own site, however, the 99 cents price still applies for Valor, and the $1.24 price still applies for Vengeance.

EDITING TO ADD 6/1/2016: The prices have been adjusted again! Valor of the Healer is currently selling for $1.49, and Vengeance is selling for $2.49. So not as big of a sale, but still a sale compared to the usual $2.99 price point!

So right now you can read the entire trilogy for just over about five bucks on your favorite ereader! Snap it up fast if you haven’t already, because I will not be informed how long these prices will last. And do spread the word, won’t you?

Here’s a roundup of all the major places you can buy these books!

Valor: Carina Press | Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play

Vengeance: Carina Press | Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | Google Play

And as always, do remember that the Rebels of Adalonia novels are not standalones, so you need to read all three to get the entire story. The reading order is Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, Victory of the Hawk.

ETA: Where should you buy the book? I get slightly more money if you buy directly from Carina, but really, you should buy from wherever you find it easiest. If that means one of the other ebook vendors, go for it!

Carina Press

Heads up to all: one-day sale on

Everyone, TODAY ONLY (that’s December 23rd), Carina Press is running a site-wide coupon code for 50% off everything in their book catalog. The code is DAY2315!

So if you haven’t read the Rebels of Adalonia books yet, today would be a very, VERY good time to go straight to the Carina site and scarf ’em. Here are the direct links to Valor, Vengeance, and Victory on the Carina site:

Valor of the Healer

Vengeance of the Hunter

Victory of the Hawk

And remember, these books are not standalone novels, so you need to read all three to get the complete story. Reading order is Valor, Vengeance, Victory.

And! Since the coupon code applies to everything in Carina’s catalog, if you see anything else up there that looks appealing, go ahead and stock up!

Carina Press

New official Carina Press URLs for the Rebels books!

Carina Press has overhauled its site and updated to a new ecomm system, which means that my three Rebels of Adalonia books now have new URLs on their site. Those URLs are as follows!

Valor of the Healer

Vengeance of the Hunter

Victory of the Hawk

All of these pages are linking off to the other vendors where you can buy the books, including Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play, in the interests of making it easier to find the book wherever you’d like to buy it.

These official URLs have been accordingly updated on the Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk pages here on my site, as well as on the Rebels of Adalonia page.

So if you happen to have the books on Carina’s site bookmarked, please update your bookmarks accordingly. Thanks all!

Carina Press, Rebels of Adalonia 40% off sale!

News in from Carina: they’re running a site-wide 40% off sale in honor of RWA! If you go to any time between now and 7/27, you can use the coupon code HRWA715 to get 40 percent off your purchases! Specifically, as per the photo, 7/27 at 8:59am Eastern Time!


Note that this sale does apply only to purchases on itself, although of course you can still buy the books on all the other major ebook providers.

So if you haven’t gotten any of the Rebels of Adalonia books yet, now is a VERY good time! Here are the direct links to the Rebels books on the Carina site, and don’t forget, if you want to read this trilogy, you need to read them in this order!

Book 1: Valor of the Healer

Book 2: Vengeance of the Hunter

Book 3: Victory of the Hawk

And of course, the sale is for ALL Carina titles, not just mine! So this is a great chance to get some of the Carina titles I’ve featured on the Boosting the Signal posts, too!

Enjoy your shopping, all! 🙂

Boosting the Signal, Carina Press

Boosting the Signal: Lonely Shore, by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Earlier this spring I featured fellow Carina authors Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen, with their debut SF novel Chaos Station. Book 2 of that series, Lonely Shore, is now available from Carina, and so Jenn and Kelly return to follow up on the tale of Felix and Zander with a peek at another character–Zander’s brother, who is very motivated to track down his sibling and find out what’s happened to him! Check it out.


Lonely Shore

Still Searching

Brennan Anatolius signed the holographic invoice and with a few key swipes sent it back to his assistant for routing to the appropriate department before closing his wallet’s interface. Darkness settled around him like an old, worn blanket. The emulated sunset beyond his office’s windows had come and gone God knew how long ago—he’d noted it, in the vague way you’d notice the air circulators switching off on their usual cycle. Nothing to worry about.

Leaning back in his chair, he rubbed the bridge of his nose. He should go home. His wife, Roz, was waiting for him and she’d been damned patient these last few weeks. She knew how hard it had been to almost catch up to his youngest brother on Chloris Station, only to have Zander avoid him so completely it couldn’t be an accident. But what, really, had he expected?

After falling into the black hole of Allied Earth Forces covert ops, Zed had stopped carrying a wallet. Any messages sent to his official, AEF-sanctioned account had gone unanswered. Then there’d been the viral holo of Zed and his team saving a bunch of civilians against orders—followed closely by the end of the war. Brennan had been sure that Zed would contact his family then. But he hadn’t. Six months had crawled by without any contact—until Zed’s override code had been used on their family-controlled station, Chloris.

Brennan slouched into his chair, a posture he’d never allow himself during business hours. He had to be calm, in control, a CEO worthy of his father’s legacy. Part of him knew that worrying about Zed wasn’t helping his health—the doctor had suggested his recent bout of insomnia was due to stress. Brennan figured it just gave him extra time to track down his brother.

He pushed forward and pulled out his wallet again. All right. The last lead he’d gotten was about a week ago, when the Chaos had passed through the gate near Mars. He tried not to think about how close Zed had been to their family’s home station of Alpha—Anatolius Industries’ oldest and most luxurious station, in orbit around Earth. Brennan had already established that the Chaos hadn’t docked on Hemera Station at the Hub—the central location where all the galactic gates led—but it wouldn’t hurt to check again.

In the back of his mind, he knew his search was fruitless. The only reason he’d found a trace of Zed before was that Zed had been desperate to get aboard Chloris to help an old friend. His little brother had skills. If he wanted to stay hidden—and clearly he did—Brennan wasn’t going to find him.

Still, he had to try.

When his wallet chirped with an incoming call, Brennan almost let it go to mail. Until he saw the name accompanying it. He scrambled for his wallet, fingers shaking.

“Zed? Zed? Please don’t have hung up!”


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Boosting the Signal, Carina Press

Boosting the Signal: The Epherium Chronicles: Echoes, by T.D. Wilson

Today’s Boosting the Signal is the latest installment of The Epherium Chronicles, from fellow Carina author T.D. Wilson. Because yay, SF! T.D.’s been on Boosting the Signal before with a prior installment of this series, and now, we’re revisiting his protagonist–who has the larger goal of the safety of humanity jammed up against how he must report on the death of a friend.




EDF Dreadnaught Armstrong
High Orbit
Tau Ceti 3
Tuesday, March 11
Earth Year 2155

James Hood stared at the blank screen of his terminal. An hour had passed with him sitting at his desk, and he hadn’t typed a single word of the letter he intended. In truth, he didn’t know where to start. As a warship Captain, he had written many letters over the past several years to family of fallen crew members under his command, but this occasion was altogether different. This message of condolence was for a close friend and the circumstances of his death were shrouded in conspiracy.

Hood stood from his comfortable chair and shook his head in disgust. EDF Command had created different magnitudes of elite cover ups in the past, often to hide to the unfortunate intangibles that the public couldn’t properly digest, but this time they fabricated a façade to promote a sense of order among the rank and file. The truth behind the falsehoods was that the brass was scared. He couldn’t believe that Admiral Grant, the supreme commander of the EDF fleet, would actually go along with it. The mere reality of that fact made the pain in his heart even greater.

Turning away from the terminal, Hood walked over to the nearby viewport and stared down at the lush green planet below. He was certain many in the upper echelon of the EDF had no idea what was orchestrating the unrest back home, but after what his people experienced on the planet surface, he had a pretty good idea now. There was a horrible darkness stalking humanity, and Hood was certain that the recent events on Earth were at its direction. This new enemy’s long term goals were still unknown, but it has the power to feed on people’s fears and turn friends into bitter enemies.

The Tau Ceti star appeared on the horizon of the planet and its warm light bathed the sky below in a yellowish orange glow. Inspiration swelled within Hood. Just like the life giving power of the nearby star, his people had managed to thwart the darkness at the new colony. The thought of their victory gave him renewed hope. He didn’t have all the answers, but he had faith they would be revealed when Earth and the EDF needed them most.

Hood spun on his heel and returned to his desk. His fingers struck the letters on the digital key pad with vigor. “Victoria, it is with deep regret that I must confirm to you the news of the untimely death of your husband. Russell died doing what he always hoped he would—saving a life of a friend…”


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Boosting the Signal, Carina Press

Boosting the Signal: A Christmas Reunion, by Susanna Fraser

I’ve mentioned fellow Carina author Susanna Fraser to y’all before–and I have indeed featured her before right here on Boosting the Signal. I’m delighted to have her back for her latest release with Carina, a romance novella just in time for the holidays. If Christmas-themed romances are your cup of spicy, aromatic tea, then you really can’t go wrong with a Fraser.

A Christmas Reunion is the story of star-crossed lovers reunited at Christmas just a week before the heroine is set to marry another man. For today’s post, Susanna’s stepping into the point-of-view of that other man—the perfectly wealthy, charming, and suitable Sir Anthony Colville.


A Christmas Reunion

A Christmas Reunion

I need a wife. Whether or not I want one hardly matters.

Other gentlemen have the luxury of delay, or even of never wedding at all should true love fail to enter their lives or if the thought of a settled existence does not appeal. Those gentlemen either lack entailed property or have trustworthy heirs for it already, brothers or nephews or cousins who will take good care of their lands and dependents should it come to that.

I am not so fortunate. The cousin who would inherit Colville House, and with it responsibility for the health and well-being of my tenants, my lands, and my mother and sisters, is a rogue and a wastrel of the first order. Every day that I go without fathering a healthy, legitimate son and heir and, ideally, an equally healthy younger brother for him, is a day everything my grandfather, my father, and I have worked for decades to build remains at risk of utter ruin.

Lady Catherine Trevilian seemed an answer to my every prayer. She is a clever and self-possessed young lady of excellent birth, ideally suited by both family connections and inclination to be a great political hostess as well as the mistress and patroness of my estate. No, I am not passionately in love with her, but nor is she with me, so there is no imbalance there. We are friends, we can talk for hours, we can make each other laugh, and until today I was confident we would be happier together than ninety out of a hundred married couples in Society.

But today I saw her with Captain Gabriel Shepherd, the baseborn and penniless poor relation of the family who became Catherine’s guardians after her father’s demise. They had not seen each other in five years, the good captain having been driven into the army after the two of them were caught kissing under the mistletoe, if you please! I would happily regard this as a mere youthful indiscretion—after all, who of us hasn’t experienced desperate calf love at sixteen or eighteen or twenty?—except that neither of them can tear their eyes from the other for any length of time, and last night I saw them passionately kissing on the staircase.

I would never wish for Catherine to be unhappy. By any logical measure I would be a better husband for her than Captain Shepherd. Who knows if that grand Romeo-and-Juliet passion of theirs would last if she actually married him and had to live an everyday life with a man so far beneath her in birth and fortune? With me she would always have safety, stability, and a secure place in the world she was born into.

Yet I will never be able to offer her that passion, that wild intensity of feeling. And now that she’s tasted it again—and as a woman grown, no longer a girl barely out of the schoolroom—will she truly be content without it?

Still, I need a wife most desperately. I wish I knew the right path to follow.


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