Carina Press, Rebels of Adalonia 40% off sale!

News in from Carina: they’re running a site-wide 40% off sale in honor of RWA! If you go to any time between now and 7/27, you can use the coupon code HRWA715 to get 40 percent off your purchases! Specifically, as per the photo, 7/27 at 8:59am Eastern Time!


Note that this sale does apply only to purchases on itself, although of course you can still buy the books on all the other major ebook providers.

So if you haven’t gotten any of the Rebels of Adalonia books yet, now is a VERY good time! Here are the direct links to the Rebels books on the Carina site, and don’t forget, if you want to read this trilogy, you need to read them in this order!

Book 1: Valor of the Healer

Book 2: Vengeance of the Hunter

Book 3: Victory of the Hawk

And of course, the sale is for ALL Carina titles, not just mine! So this is a great chance to get some of the Carina titles I’ve featured on the Boosting the Signal posts, too!

Enjoy your shopping, all! 🙂

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