Rebels of Adalonia

As Angela Highland, I write the Rebels of Adalonia high fantasy trilogy with Carina Press! The story in a nutshell:

An assassin liberates an enslaved half-elven healer whose power saves his life, and a knight of a holy order sworn to wipe out elven magic must pursue them both. But as the knight discovers his own elf blood, he is cast out of his order and must turn to the very fugitives he’s hunted to stay alive, regain the honor of his station, and learn the ancient truth behind his faith. With the aid of elven rebels seeking to free their scattered people from human domination, the trio unites to overcome the demons out of each of their pasts–and ultimately, the corruption at the heart of the Church that seeks to destroy them all.

The books in this series are not standalone works, and you should read each in sequence to get the full story. Click on the thumbnails for more info on each volume of the series!


The Free Court of Seattle

As Angela Korra’ti, I write the Free Court of Seattle urban fantasy series–what I like to call my “music, magic, and computer geekery” books. Unlike the Rebels of Adalonia series, the books that appear in this series are standalones; you can read Bone Walker without having read Faerie Blood. (However, I do recommend reading them in order!)

Click on the thumbnails for further information on the books!


Works in Progress

If you’d like to check out my works in progress, of which there are several, check over here!