These are my acknowledgements for those without whom my writing would never have gotten underway!


My contribution to the Defiance anthology owes its entire existence to my editor at Drollerie, Deena Fisher. Thanks, Deena, for giving me the invite to participate!

“The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”

I originally wrote this story when a good friend of mine, Jeff Deveaux, invited me to participate in an anthology he wanted to bring to life. That anthology unfortunately never came to fruition, which left me with a short story without a home.

Since my goal isn’t particularly to write short stories, I decided to distribute it under a Creative Commons license here on the site instead. But credit must definitely go to Jeff for giving me an opportunity to write the story in the first place. Thanks as well to Tina Beck, Geri Werthner, and my own beloved userinfosolarbird (Dara) for beta reading of this story!


This book would not exist without C.E. Murphy. She made me do NaNoWriMo in 2003, which got me 50,501 words by the end of November, a complete first draft by the end of January 2004, and the writing habits that have let me finish two more novels since. Plus, she and Sara Dennis convinced me to attend Writer’s Weekend in 2004, and Sara gave me help with writing its synopsis.

Writer’s Weekend in general deserves a shout out, for helping me hear firsthand from the pros how to go about submitting a book for publication. Thanks to Karen Junker for giving me a shot at an invaluable learning experience.

Many thanks also are owed my beta readers, who helped me pound multiple drafts of this book into shape: first and foremost, the fabulous Mimi Noyes, without whom Chapter 18 would not have achieved its tree-through-roofy goodness; Roger Crew, Cheryl Couvillion, and Sarah Kaye in the Seattle area; Jaime Wurth from the Writer’s Weekend crowd; avowed Elessir fan Janne Torklep; former housemate and fellow writer Vicka Corey, who tickled me pink by comparing me to Esther Friesner; Janis Neville, fellow member of the Lexington Fantasy Assocation; Jen McKinney from the forum; peregrine_ek and kriski from Livejournal; and last but not least, Geri Werthner, Michaelene Greathouse, OntarioGurl, and everyone else on the OKP who urged me on with kind words and encouragement. There’s no bass like an Outer Cove bass, and there’s no fandom like Great Big Sea fandom.

More thanks go to the Drollerie Press authors Sarah Avery for pointing me at Drollerie to begin with, and David Sklar for last-minute beta reading. And the biggest thanks of all go to my editor Deena Fisher, for being willing to give the new kid a shot.

Thank you, all. Every last one of you rocks.

And it should be said, by the way, that Mama’s in Faerie Blood is very much real, and it is indeed decorated all over with Elvis memorabilia. The food is good too, and if you like Mexican, you should very much eat there.

The Electric Penguin, on the other hand, is fictional. Although I would totally frequent the place if it existed.