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Defiance was released in November of 2009 from Drollerie Press. Laura Anne Gilman, Joely Sue Burkhart, and I took you back to the days of the Civil War with ministering angels, magical creatures, and death. Each of the women in these stories refused to take on the role she’s been assigned by birth, race, or circumstance. Each woman demonstrated life changing defiance.

Laura Anne Gilman’s story “Finder’s Keeper” featured a young woman with an unusual gift: the finding of things that are lost. When her gift leads her to a wounded Confederate soldier fallen on the battlefield, though, she finds along with him truths about herself.

My own story “The Blood of the Land” was set in the same universe as Faerie Blood, and tells the tale of the slave woman Dorcas and her beloved Caleb, escaping across the wilderness of Kentucky. Dorcas has a strange healing gift that drives the son of her former master to pursue her–but she doesn’t have the only power in the world. The first contacts they make on the Underground Railroad have magic of their own.

In “Storms As She Walks”, Joely Sue Burkhart wove the tale of a young Native American woman disguised as a man on one of the “colored” regiments in the Union army, and how she must risk revealing her true gender, her strange gifts, and her growing love for her captain to defend her people.


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Defiance is unfortunately no longer for sale since Drollerie Press closed. However, I have made the short story The Blood of the Land available as a separate download. See its official page for details!

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