Faerie Blood, Rebels of Adalonia

Holy crap! I’m in LIBRARIES!

Smashwords reported to me an awesome thing today: to wit, I’ve made my first sale of Faerie Blood via Overdrive! This means that some library somewhere has elected to purchase that book to make it available to their patrons. Which means, somebody will be able to check out Kendis & Company via Overdrive really soon. 😀

What I do not know is what library might have made that purchase, though. I’m googling around tonight to see if there’s a way to find this out, and this has led me to Worldcat.org, which is apparently a very large database of what’s available at libraries.

Through this, I have now also determined that my Carina books are ALSO available in a small handful of library systems!

The Brooklyn Public Library has all three of the Rebels books, and in fact has two copies of Victory showing up in their search results on me, here. So if you’re a patron of their system, you can read my whole trilogy through them! Awesome. And their Twitter account is here.

The Hennepin County Library in Minnesota apparently has Valor and Victory but NOT Vengeance, according to their search results. If you’re a Minnesota patron, consider them. Also consider asking them to pick up Vengeance to round out the set! They’re on Twitter here.

The Los Angeles Public Library just has Valor, but hey, if they’re going to have only one of my books, that IS the correct one to have to start the trilogy! If you’re in L.A., consider asking them to pick up books 2 and 3, won’t you?

Same notation for the Calgary Public Library and oh wow I’m readable in at least one Canadian library, how awesome is this. <3 They also just have Valor, but that’s a start!

The New York Public Library only has Vengeance, which is an odd purchasing decision on their part, but hey, not my call to make! Do I have any New York readers who might consider asking them to also get Valor and Victory? ‘Cause yeah, if you try to read this trilogy starting with Vengeance, you WILL be confused.

This is PARTICULARLY amazing: there’s a copy of Victory in the Auckland Libraries system in New Zealand! O.O Apologies in advance to any New Zealanders who might check that book out and be really really confused since it’s the tail end of the trilogy. Do please consider asking them to also pick up Valor and Vengeance!

And, much closer to home, the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative has a copy of Victory, and so do the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado, here.

Many thanks to all library purchasers who saw fit to pick up any of my Rebels of Adalonia books! Particularly Auckland and Calgary! But really, all of you!

Because HOLY CRAP I’m in libraries. If I could reach back in time and share this news with High School Anna, who spent her study hall time slurping up every book she could find in the school libraries, High School Anna would cry with joy. Current Day Anna is pretty close to doing so herself, and has just thrown off a flurry of shoutouts on Twitter to these various library systems. :~)

ETA: I am informed by Vancouver-based friend userinfosticckler that the Rebels books are ALSO in the Vancouver Public Library system! And they have the entire trilogy, and people are even checking it out! I shall be adding this to the list of Reasons Why I Love Vancouver!

Anybody else want to share a library system sighting of any of my books with me? 😀

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