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Rebels of Adalonia ebook sale

For those of you who didn’t see me post this on Facebook or Twitter, a quick reminder: right now all three books of the Rebels of Adalonia books are on sale for 99 cents each. I can confirm this price on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and Apple Books. So you can read the entire trilogy for about three dollars right now!

Leap on it while you can, as the price of these books is NOT in my control and I cannot guarantee how long it’ll last. If you have the books already, please consider spreading the word to any friends or family who might like epic fantasy with religious and political intrigue!

(Particularly given that I have no day job right now, any little bump I can get to my ebook sales would be super helpful. So please do spread the word!)

And come have a look at the official Rebels of Adalonia page to find all the places where you can buy the books.

Herein endeth the promo. Faanshi, Kestar, and Julian thank you for your attention. <3

EDITING TO ADD: I am advised that the sale price is NOT active in Canada, at least on Kobo. Sorry, Canadian readers! (Still, $2.99 each is still pretty awesome for an entire trilogy of books if I do say so myself.)

Main, Rebels of Adalonia

Main site back online; also, Rebels on sale!

Our power came back a short while ago, so that means my web server is back up again! And THAT means is once more reachable.

And I said this over on the post I put up on, but for those of you who didn’t see me post it there, or see my last post on Dreamwidth: the Rebels of Adalonia books are currently ON SALE for 99 cents each right now!

Since sale prices on the Rebels books are outside my control, I will NOT know when this price stops being active. So if you don’t already have these ebooks of mine, now is a real good time to get them. Or tell a friend if you know somebody who you think might like my writing! Please do spread the word, I need all the word of mouth I can get. Particularly since right now I don’t have a day job. Thank you in advance!

The Rebels books are available on all major ebook platforms, as well as directly from Harlequin, Carina Press’s parent company. All the links to buy the books are on the official Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk pages.

And do remember: the Rebels books are NOT standalone novels. You DO need to read all three of them for the complete story. But at 99 cents a pop, that’s still cheaper than most paperbacks!

Questions? Let me know!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood, Rebels of Adalonia

Periodic reminder: How to buy my books

I get asked about this every so often, so here’s a reminder of what books I have, and how to buy them!

Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are both available in print and in ebook form. You can order the print copies via my Square store, via the Bandcamp merch pages set up for them, or via the various ways you can pay me directly. Note also that these are my only two books currently available in print. If you want something from me in print form, these are the titles to get.

Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are both also available wherever I sell ebooks, which currently includes Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, Google Play, and Smashwords. All places you can buy the ebooks are linked to on the books’ official pages, although you can also just buy them directly from me, like you can the print copies. Best way to do that is via my Square store.

The print editions of these books are $15 each if I’m selling them to you directly, $17 if I need to mail. I also ask for cost of shipping. The ebooks are $2.99 each. See my Buying From Me page for what to do if you’d like to buy things from me directly. Otherwise, look at the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker official pages for where all you can buy the books.

Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk are all available digitally wherever ebooks are sold. Worldwide, your best best for where to buy them is straight off of the official Carina Press site. I get slightly more of a royalty for purchases directly from Carina. However, you can also find the titles on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play.

The Rebels books are not available in print. If you’d like them to be so, the best way to make that happen is to buy the ebooks and demonstrate to Carina that the sales numbers warrant it. If you have the Rebels books already, consider buying them for friends!

The ebooks of the Rebels trilogy are all $2.99 apiece, although prices may periodically vary if one or more of the ebook selling sites decides to do a special. (But they don’t warn me about that in advance!)

ALSO: Valor of the Healer is the only title of the Rebels books that also has an audiobook. You can find the links to where to buy the audiobook on Valor’s official page. If you’re an audiobook fan and you’d like to see Vengeance and Victory get audio versions, again, buy the first one and show Carina there’s a demand for it!

Any questions? Let me know!

Faerie Blood, Rebels of Adalonia

Holy crap! I’m in LIBRARIES!

Smashwords reported to me an awesome thing today: to wit, I’ve made my first sale of Faerie Blood via Overdrive! This means that some library somewhere has elected to purchase that book to make it available to their patrons. Which means, somebody will be able to check out Kendis & Company via Overdrive really soon. 😀

What I do not know is what library might have made that purchase, though. I’m googling around tonight to see if there’s a way to find this out, and this has led me to, which is apparently a very large database of what’s available at libraries.

Through this, I have now also determined that my Carina books are ALSO available in a small handful of library systems!

The Brooklyn Public Library has all three of the Rebels books, and in fact has two copies of Victory showing up in their search results on me, here. So if you’re a patron of their system, you can read my whole trilogy through them! Awesome. And their Twitter account is here.

The Hennepin County Library in Minnesota apparently has Valor and Victory but NOT Vengeance, according to their search results. If you’re a Minnesota patron, consider them. Also consider asking them to pick up Vengeance to round out the set! They’re on Twitter here.

The Los Angeles Public Library just has Valor, but hey, if they’re going to have only one of my books, that IS the correct one to have to start the trilogy! If you’re in L.A., consider asking them to pick up books 2 and 3, won’t you?

Same notation for the Calgary Public Library and oh wow I’m readable in at least one Canadian library, how awesome is this. <3 They also just have Valor, but that’s a start!

The New York Public Library only has Vengeance, which is an odd purchasing decision on their part, but hey, not my call to make! Do I have any New York readers who might consider asking them to also get Valor and Victory? ‘Cause yeah, if you try to read this trilogy starting with Vengeance, you WILL be confused.

This is PARTICULARLY amazing: there’s a copy of Victory in the Auckland Libraries system in New Zealand! O.O Apologies in advance to any New Zealanders who might check that book out and be really really confused since it’s the tail end of the trilogy. Do please consider asking them to also pick up Valor and Vengeance!

And, much closer to home, the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative has a copy of Victory, and so do the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado, here.

Many thanks to all library purchasers who saw fit to pick up any of my Rebels of Adalonia books! Particularly Auckland and Calgary! But really, all of you!

Because HOLY CRAP I’m in libraries. If I could reach back in time and share this news with High School Anna, who spent her study hall time slurping up every book she could find in the school libraries, High School Anna would cry with joy. Current Day Anna is pretty close to doing so herself, and has just thrown off a flurry of shoutouts on Twitter to these various library systems. :~)

ETA: I am informed by Vancouver-based friend userinfosticckler that the Rebels books are ALSO in the Vancouver Public Library system! And they have the entire trilogy, and people are even checking it out! I shall be adding this to the list of Reasons Why I Love Vancouver!

Anybody else want to share a library system sighting of any of my books with me? 😀

Carina Press, Rebels of Adalonia 40% off sale!

News in from Carina: they’re running a site-wide 40% off sale in honor of RWA! If you go to any time between now and 7/27, you can use the coupon code HRWA715 to get 40 percent off your purchases! Specifically, as per the photo, 7/27 at 8:59am Eastern Time!


Note that this sale does apply only to purchases on itself, although of course you can still buy the books on all the other major ebook providers.

So if you haven’t gotten any of the Rebels of Adalonia books yet, now is a VERY good time! Here are the direct links to the Rebels books on the Carina site, and don’t forget, if you want to read this trilogy, you need to read them in this order!

Book 1: Valor of the Healer

Book 2: Vengeance of the Hunter

Book 3: Victory of the Hawk

And of course, the sale is for ALL Carina titles, not just mine! So this is a great chance to get some of the Carina titles I’ve featured on the Boosting the Signal posts, too!

Enjoy your shopping, all! 🙂

Rebels of Adalonia

Reminder: re: reading the Rebels of Adalonia books

I’m running an ad on Facebook right now pointing people at the Rebels of Adalonia books, and if you’ve come over from Facebook to check out that page and my site in general, hi!

For those who are new to my work as well as those who might just not have checked out the Rebels books yet, a general reminder: the Rebels books are not, repeat, NOT standalone novels.

Carina is best known for publishing romance, and I know a lot of Carina’s readers as well as romance readers in general are used to thinking of a trilogy as “three standalone novels that happen to have an interconnecting theme, like three sisters in a family, or three women all working in the same place, etc.”.

However, I cannot emphasize this strongly enough: the Rebels books are a fantasy trilogy. Thus, Valor, Vengeance, and Victory do all have their individual sub-arcs for their featured characters, yes–but in order to get the complete story, you do need to read all three books, and you need to read them in order (i.e., Valor of the Healer, then Vengeance of the Hunter. then Victory of the Hawk). If you try to read Victory of the Hawk or Vengeance of the Hunter without first reading Valor of the Healer, you will be confused!

Fortunately, each book is very conveniently priced at $2.99 wherever ebooks are sold–so you can read the entire trilogy for less than many mass market paperback releases these days, and certainly less than a trade paperback. And since the whole trilogy is indeed now released, you can plow through the entire story at whatever speed you like.

So if you choose to do so, thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoy the read!

Rebels of Adalonia

On further works in the world of Rebels of Adalonia

I have just been asked whether I will be writing more in the world of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, now that Victory of the Hawk is about to drop. The answer to this question is: maybe.

If you look on my In Progress page, you’ll see that one of the titles there is Mirror’s Gate. This story is actually set in the same world as the Rebels books, only in a different country–specifically, Vreyland, which is very passingly mentioned in Vengeance of the Hunter and which will also be passingly mentioned in Victory of the Hawk. Vreyland, unlike Adalonia, is a country where elves are on equal social footing with humans. Also, magic is not only not forbidden in Vreyland, it’s actively part of the society there.

Alert readers who look at the summary for Mirror’s Gate will note that I mention the sorcerer Alexsandr there. Please to note that Aleksandr is a human sorcerer, not an elven one. Yes, there are conclusions about the worldbuilding to be drawn here, and these are conclusions I would like to explore further. I’ve got a little over two chapters of this story written so far, and I’d like to do more.

However, I’m not entirely done with Adalonia either. There are at least two potential paths of story exploration I can do after the Rebels trilogy is done. One path will explore a visit to Tantiulo, and the other will be exploring what happens in Adalonia after the social, political, and religious upheaval of this story reaches its peak in Victory of the Hawk. There will be hints laid down at the end of Victory about both of these paths. They could be explored in separate novels OR the same novel; I don’t know yet. But they are ideas I will be looking into developing.

Carina only offered to do this trilogy, though, so how further works in this universe will be explored is so far an undetermined question. I may try to query them formally, or I may look into self-pubbing them. I don’t know yet.

Either way, if folks out there would be interested in more works in this universe, or if you have questions about the worldbuilding you’d like to see answered, do let me know!