Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Update on the Faerie Blood and Valor of the Healer sales!

I’m past the initial spike of sales for setting Faerie Blood to 99 cents now, I think. But although the huge rush has levelled down, I’m pleased to report that I am continuing to accrue more sales so far this month than I have ever before. I’m very close to breaking 500 sales on that book. If I get lucky, it might even happen TODAY.

And if you, yes you, want to help me make that happen, please remember, spread the word! I’ve reached about everybody I can who usually follows me, and it helps immensely to get the word out to people who aren’t directly in my social network circles. If you’d like to help signalboost, here are the immediate short links you can use:

Valor of the Healer link: http://bit.ly/1reiFHF

Faerie Blood link: http://bit.ly/1lxLhDN

You can plug those bit.ly links into tweets, or posts on Facebook or G+ or wherever. I’ve been making up assorted tweets about both books, using hashtags #urbanfantasy and #fantasy, and emphasizing that Faerie Blood is on sale all month and Valor until the 19th. Mentioning the 99 cent price point is important, too. If you’re on Twitter you can see assorted examples on my Twitter feed here.

If you’re on Tumblr, I have two posts up there that you can reblog if you’re so inclined. Those posts are:

For Faerie Blood: http://annathepiper.tumblr.com/post/90522353994/kendis-thompson-of-seattle-thinks-shes-as-normal

For Valor of the Healer: http://annathepiper.tumblr.com/post/90522657939/the-rook-an-assassin-hired-by-vengeful-elven

Last important reminder: I do have a lot of print copies of Faerie Blood available. And if anybody wants one, I am waiving mailing charges for the duration of the sale. I will also throw a bonus CD in with the print copies, a CD that contains a bundle of assorted formats of both editions of Faerie Blood–the original Drollerie Press version, and the updated Kickstarter release version too. Plus, the CD also includes the short story “The Blood of the Land”.

The print books + CD will be $15 for the duration of the month. After July 31st I will go back to also asking shipping charges, so at that point the price will be $20 for US or Canadian readers, $25 for overseas (because sorry overseas folks, mailing a copy of Faerie Blood across the water costs me more than the book itself 🙁 ).

Special addendum for anybody in Canada: You guys have until Saturday August 2nd if you’d like to buy a print copy of Faerie Blood from me, on account of chances are VERY high that I’m coming up to Canada that weekend, and mailing stuff to you from within B.C. is likely to be way cheaper than me doing it from Seattle. 😉

Thanks again to all for your ongoing support!

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