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Bone Walker Kickstarter update!

Just to let you guys know I have NOT forgotten or abandoned this, O Internets: there is new news on the Bone Walker Kickstarter front!

As I’ve previously reported, I’m in talks with a cover artist for not only Faerie Blood, but also Bone Walker and the still as of yet unnamed Book 3. But as of this week, I’m also in possession of an editing agreement I’m about to square away!

Which means that once I hand off Lament of the Dove to Carina’s submissions queue, the big plan for March is going to be finishing Bone Walker. Then I shall hand it off to be edited in the latter half of April, with a target of having it back to me by early May.

And! I’ve pinged Third Place for an appointment to discuss printing of Faerie Blood with them. Dara (who will be firing up her considerable layout experience to do the layout for the print edition) and I will be going to talk to them about that soon!

Which all means, O Internet, that April is beginning to look very, very good for a target timeframe for the Bone Walker Kickstarter. As soon as I have all the numbers for projected costs to bring unto you the second edition of Faerie Blood as well as Bone Walker, I am going to officially get this show on the road.

Getting excited about this, and I hope you guys will join me for the fun!

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