Bone Walker

Shipping edition of Bone Walker cover art!

For those of you who haven’t already seen me gushing about this on the social networks this morning, I am thrilled to announce at last that Dara, Kiri Moth, and I have decided upon the final Bone Walker cover art! This is the base source file that Dara will be using to create the cover for the book, and which I will also be using to create posters, postcards, and desktop backgrounds for all the folks who supported my Kickstarter last year!

Unseelie Bard by Night

Unseelie Bard by Night

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, who supported the Kickstarter will have a shot at the goodies we’ll be making from this art. And we’re very, VERY close to getting the final edits for the manuscript as well so hopefully sometime this summer we’ll be shipping the actual book!

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