And now, a Books Released by Awesome People roundup!

Acquired because I supported its Kickstarter YAY!:

  • Matchbox Girls, by Chrysoula Tzavelas. Because Willowholt writers FTW! I have no idea what it’s about and I’ll look forward to finding out, because Soula is Tribe. I have the ebook edition already, and the print edition should be on the way.

Bought from B&N as ebooks to add to the “repurchased as ebooks” list:

  • Cry Wolf and Hunting Ground, by Patricia Briggs. Urban fantasy; books 1 and 2 of her Alpha and Omega series.
  • Indigo Springs, by A.M. Dellamonica. Fantasy (I think this is more fantasy than UF, anyway, but I don’t know for sure). Book 1 of the Astrid Lethewood series.
  • Instruments of Darkness and Anatomy of Murder, by Imogen Robertson. Mystery; books 1 and 2 of her Crowther and Westerman series. I’ve already read Book 1 and found it excellent! Book 2 just came out.

Bought from Carina Press, because they sent me a coupon code and because of general awesomeness on the part of Zoe Archer:

  • The Last Night, by Nico Rosso. SF/romance. Picked up because Nico Rosso is the husband of Zoe Archer, and I want to see if his writing is as fun as hers!
  • Chain Reaction, by Zoe Archer. SF/romance. See previous commentary re: general awesomeness.
  • Lesserblood Lies, by Ainsley Davidson. SF/romance. Detecting a general genre theme here, folks?

And last but not least, oh my no, picked up in print from B&N tonight:

  • Frenchman’s Creek, by Daphne du Maurier. Because 1) French pirate hero WOO! and 2) apparently, after reading Rebecca, I continue to need more du Maurier in my library.
  • Raven Calls, by C.E. Murphy. Because it goes without saying that I’ll be all over a new Walker Papers from userinfomizkit on Release Day. 😀

36 for the year!

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