Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood finally available for the Nook again

After several frustrating days of fighting with this, I am relieved to report that Faerie Blood is finally available for the Nook again. Apologies to any Nook owners who might have tried to get it while it was unavailable on the B&N sites!

You can grab it again finally here for the US and here for the UK. And the book’s currently set nice and cheap to price-match Valor of the Healer! This price will remain in effect for the time being as well, at least until Bone Walker finally drops, if not sooner! So if you don’t have it already and you want it, consider picking it up!

And as always, you can find all the rest of the places the book can be found on Faerie Blood’s official page.

(But side note and fair warning to fellow self-pubbers: for the love of all that’s holy, the NookPress site was not ready to go live yet. If you’re on PubIt with your work, I do NOT recommend jumping over yet. Make ’em work all the bugs out first!)

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