Valor of the Healer

I… wait… WHAT?

Um, Internets? I just found a thing checking my Google Alerts. Somebody check me here. I’m not seeing things, right?

I’m not seeing MY BOOK mentioned in an article on!

Because it sure as hell looks like I’m getting mentioned. Down at the bottom, in an article predominantly about shapeshifter paranormal romance, BUT STILL.

I… wha… um. I think I need to sit down.

*sits down*

ETA: Because seriously, people, this isn’t even COMPUTING in my head! I’m all “wait wait WHAT? People who AREN’T ME, and who DO NOT ALREADY KNOW ME, are aware that this book now exists? As an actual THING that can be bought and read? And they’re POSTING about it? On a site that people outside of fandom might actually browse?”

With a side helping of “wait wait wait I’m the ‘fantasy’ after-dinner mint in an article otherwise all about paranormal romance?!”

This is what just happened to my head, Internets:

GIR's Head Explodes

GIR’s Head Explodes

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