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Google Analytics on my site

I finally decided to install Google Analytics, just to try to get an idea of how many site visitors I get on any given day. I’ve had it up for three days now, and have made a few observations I thought it’d be fun to share!

Unsurprisingly, most of my visitors are coming in from US sites. But I also see notable action from Canada (HI CANADA, I love you too <3), and at least in the last three days, I've had visits from the UK, France, and Sweden. Search terms that have had people land on my site include:

  • “a turn of light czerneda mobi”–Because I have indeed recently bought that book, although not in MOBI format
  • “carina press contract terms”–A topic on which I could probably actually speak, if called upon to do so
  • “gigue du pere mathias”–HA! This is of course one of the few Quebec tunes I know how to play so far. 😀
  • “hades and persephone erotic”–Again, HA! I’ve written Hades/Persephone, of course, but Queen of Souls isn’t even on the query circuit yet, and it ain’t smut, either! Sorry, whoever was searching!
  • “have lot of books”–It’s TRUE. I DO.
  • “kobo vs. nook”–A topic on which I have in fact spoken
  • “spotted at great big sea concert”–A phrase which can be said of me at least once a year, and sometimes twice 😀
  • “where ti buy fairies writing paper and note books”–Can’t help you there, person who was searching! Sorry!

Two people came in from Goodreads, two from Dara’s journal, one from my friend userinfokisanthe, and one from, which IS still up even if I’m not actively posting to it.

On Friday, or so the analytics claim, I had 11 visits. On Saturday, I had 15. Yesterday, I had 24. So hi folks, whoever you are! Thanks for coming by. Grab a chair, raise a jar, and try the cake vodka milkshakes. They’re delicious.

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