Valor of the Healer

Beta readers for Lament, check in?

Three of you have checked in with me, but I haven’t heard from the other five…? (Many thanks to userinfocow and userinfogerimaple and userinfomamishka for keeping me apprised of your various levels of ability to deal with the reading, I much appreciate the updates!)

As an FYI to y’all reading, I’m currently in chapter 9 of the word count reduction pass so you have a bit of buffer time still before I really need the feedback. It’ll be at least another week or so depending on how fast I can charge through the rest of the manuscript. As of Chapter 9 I’m now into the main area that the editor at Carina advised me about, so it may take me longer to get through on the grounds of needing to think about what I want to do to implement her requests.

Do check in with me if you can, if nothing else just to let me know if you’re still up for finishing the reading? (“No” is a perfectly acceptable answer, I just need to know if I’m going to get feedback from you.) Thanks again!

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