More books!

Picked up in electronic form:

  • Fires of Nuala, by userinfoalfreda89 (Katharine Eliska Kimbriel), released at Book View Cafe. This is one of her old SF novels.
  • Naked Heat, by Richard Castle (hee hee hee). This is the second of the in-universe mystery novels tying in with the Castle TV show.
  • Hidden Steel, by Doranna Durgin. This is yet another of Doranna Durgin’s backlist, which she’s been releasing on her own recognizance in ebook form, and it’s a standalone suspense novel.

I don’t often pre-order things, but I’ve preordered The Aether Age: Helios because 1) it sounds awesome, 2) it’s edited by Brandon Bell, a fellow member of the Outer Alliance, and 3) its publisher, Hadley Rille, is aiming for the 5K mark on books sold. They’ll be handing out a Kindle 3G in a random drawing in January, so I figured what the hell, I’d sign up for the contest. 🙂 So to note:

And last but oh my so very much not least, picked up in print because AWESOME:

Dreadnought, by userinfocmpriest (Cherie Priest), the second sequel of sorts to the almighty Boneshaker. (The first was Clementine, in limited release by Subterranean Press; Dreadnought is released by Tor.)

314 for the year!

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