Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: For those of you interested in the soundtrack

Picked up quite a few backers over the weekend, even after the project rolled over into full funding! YAY! \0/

Opening up nice and strong this week, with just over a week to go, and we are a scant $163.77 to go until Dara and I can offer the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker soundtrack. With that in mind, I’m delighted to report that Crime and the Forces of Evil have released a new album today called Cracksman Betty, which should give y’all good idea of the sound we’ll be shooting for with the soundtrack!

Cracksman Betty has less trad than the soundtrack will, and there will of course be a fiddle on the soundtrack album. But this one’s also got a guest appearance by Leannan Sidhe, and I’ll particularly call your attention to tracks 1 and 5, where Dara’s lyrics and energy there will be forerunners of the original material she’ll be cooking up for the soundtrack. Plus, her writing of trad for an alternate timeline that never happened pleases me greatly, since that’ll be really rather what she’s doing for my books!

So go check out Dara’s post about the album and then go check out the album itself. Let Dara know what you thought! And stick out, ’cause really, she’s only just getting started!

Meanwhile, for everybody else, I can also report that I’m now about halfway through the Bone Walker manuscript, and now that Kiri’s finished the Faerie Blood art, I’m in talks with her about what to do for the Bone Walker cover! More news on this as events warrant, and you guys will get to see character sketches of Elessir as the Book 2 art develops. I can’t wait to show him to you!

As always, thank you all very much for your support!

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