Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: The soundtrack goal has been achieved!

I woke up this morning to discover that backer #115, Adila, has pushed us over the $4,500 mark! This means, ladies and gentlemen, that Dara and I will therefore be officially deploying the soundtrack for all backers at $25 or above!

This is great news for the final week of the project! But don’t forget, we still have about six days left–and if we make $5,500, I will be deploying Book Three as well to all backers who chose a reward tier that gets them Books 1 and 2! (In other words, the $20 level for both ebooks, or the $50 for both paperbacks!)

So keep your signals flying all, and let’s see just how far we can take this thing in the project’s final days. Thank you, thank you all so much, for your support. I really hope you’ll like the stories–and the music!–that Dara and I will be able to give you now!

Always room for more backers, right over here! 😀

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