Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood going ON SALE for 0.99!

As of right now I am putting Faerie Blood on sale for the low, low price of $0.99 USD! (And appropriate equivalents in other countries!)

It’ll take a bit for the pricing to propagate out to all the places the book’s being sold, but I’m going ahead and doing it now so that hopefully it’ll be at that price by July 1st. I’ll be running this promotion through July 31st. Most of you who know me probably have already bought the book, but if you haven’t, this’ll be a great time to snap it up. Or, for you to spread the word to friends and loved ones, if you want to help!

As of this writing the sale price is confirmed live at these US links:

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Smashwords | Google Play | Kobo | iBooks

These are all the primary links for where you can buy the ebook version. If you’re not in the US, I’m pretty sure that the Kobo and Google Play links SHOULD redirect you to your actual locale. (If you’re on Google Play and the link doesn’t work for you, please let me know and I’ll activate a local price for you.)

All of the rest of the links for where to buy the book can be found on the Faerie Blood page!

AND–if you want to buy the book directly from me, particularly if you want the fancy PDF we made that’s laid out like the print version but also includes an extra high-res black-and-white pencil of the cover art, I will apply the .99c price to that as well. Best ways to buy from me are the same as for the print version, as I describe further down in this post.

Meanwhile, this sale will ALSO apply to my stock of print copies of the book. I have a good backlog of copies, and for the duration of this sale, I will waive ALL SHIPPING CHARGES, no matter where I might need to mail it. So if you’d like to snag a print copy of the book, talk to me about how to send me money for it, and where to send you a book! I continue to ask $15 USD for the print copies, or the appropriate equivalents for international readers. (Exception: Canadians, I’ll take straight up $15 CAD from you all, too. Because I like you, Canada. <3)

If you want to buy a print copy, the best way to get money to me is via Paypal to my gmail address, annathepiper. Alternately, I will also accept equivalent credit at Amazon US, Amazon CA, Barnes and Noble, iTunes US, iTunes CA, or Google Play. And I’m open to other places where I can buy ebooks or digital music if you want to negotiate.

SO EXCITING! Let’s see if this does anything amusing to my sales numbers. Please feel free to spread the word of this to all corners of the Net! 😀 And if you’re on Twitter, here, have some tweets you can steal to spread the word if you want!

Music, magic and geekery! Faerie Blood, an urban fantasy by @annathepiper, now on sale for .99 where ebooks are sold! http://bit.ly/1rIw4F7

Three words: Unseelie Elvis impersonator! @annathepiper’s Faerie Blood now on sale for .99 where ebooks are sold! http://bit.ly/1rIw4F7

Urban fantasy needs more bouzouki players! @annathepiper’s Faerie Blood on sale for .99 where ebooks are sold! http://bit.ly/1rIw4F7

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