Faerie Blood

My iPhone's official name: Mnemosyne!

The poll to name my iPhone officially closed last night, and the winner of the poll was Mnemosyne! This means is the winner.

The companion contest is also therefore officially closed, and wins that for the in-character Petalwing portayal.

Y’all please to send me email at annathepiper AT gmail DOT com and let me know whether you would like a free copy of Faerie Blood, or else a free copy of the book of your choice from the Drollerie Press bookshop.

If you’d like Faerie Blood, please let me know your preferred format. If you’d like a different book, please let me know which one you’re interested in from the shop and I’ll set you up with a Drollerie gift certificate for the correct amount!

Thanks all for participating, and I’ll do another contest some time soon!

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