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Print edition of Faerie Blood: when?

I keep getting asked this, even though I’ve mentioned it on my FAQ page, so I thought I should address this topic again:

Q. Will there be a print edition of Faerie Blood?

A. My editor has said yes.

Q. When will the print edition be?

A. This has not yet been settled. Drollerie has a limited budget and so can only release a small number of print titles at a time. Earliest I would expect this would be the latter half of 2010.

Q. When the print edition is available, where will it be sold?

A. You’ll be able to order it directly from Drollerie, of course. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powells also all have Drollerie print editions available for ordering online. Additionally, I will be approaching bookstores in the greater Seattle area to ask them about the possibility of carrying a few copies on shelves (expected places for this would be the University Bookstore, Third Place Books, and Elliott Bay, for starters). However, you should assume that if you’d like the print edition, the thing to do would be to either order it online, or else go to your favorite bookstore and ask them to order a copy for you.

Q. If I order an electronic copy now, can I print it out myself to read?

A. Yes, if you get a copy that has no DRM on it. If you purchase the PDF copy directly from Drollerie, you can print it out, put it in a binder, whatever you’d like to do with it. I know of at least one person who’s done this. I do recommend the PDF edition for this, since it’s formatted best for that.

Q. What can I do to make sure a print edition of Faerie Blood will happen?

A. Far and away the best thing you can do is to show Drollerie your reading love in general. Buy other works by Drollerie authors, especially print ones if you prefer that format over electronic. Go to your favorite online sites and leave appropriate reviews, not only of my work but of other Drollerie works as well. Tell your friends about Drollerie works you think they’d like, and consider buying them as gifts for others, too. Those of you who follow my Book Log posts will know I’ve been reading other Drollerie works lately myself, and I’m here to tell you–, , , , Meredith Holmes, Rachael de Vienne, and many more of my fellow Drollerie authors have written lovely things that are worth your time and attention.

And remember, next month we’re having us a big ol’ sale, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick up several Drollerie works for reduced prices! Watch drolleriepress.com for details for when that starts.

Last but not least, it certainly won’t hurt if you just tell my publisher directly that you’d love to see a print edition of my book. We have on LJ that’s a mirror of the main site blog, but there’s also @drollerie on Twitter, and a Drollerie Press page on Facebook as well. Any of these methods should work nicely as a way for y’all to send in your feedback!

Once again, everybody, I thank you for your support. ^_^

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