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Closure of Drollerie Press

Sadness. My editor Deena Fisher has now officially announced the closure of Drollerie Press. I’ve already been working with assistant editor Selena Green on the reversion of rights for Faerie Blood, so this comes as no real surprise. But still, it is a moment of sadness.

I’ve been off of Amazon for a bit already, but I’m seeing now that I’m off of B&N’s site and off of Google’s ebooks site as well. Fictionwise and Mobipocket and Scribd and still have me, but I expect I’ll be vanishing off of them eventually. Moving forward, I will be willing to direct-sell copies of Faerie Blood to interested parties until I find it a new home. For now I’m not going to repost it anywhere myself. Once the reversion of rights is complete, I do want to re-query it to what markets are still available, most likely in conjunction with Bone Walker once I finish writing that. So until that time, if you’d like to read it and you haven’t already, please feel free to contact me directly and we’ll talk.

And if you know other Drollerie authors, especially if you’ve purchased their work, please consider giving them virtual hugs–and express to them that you did in fact buy and enjoy their work. Drollerie authors have written some wonderful things, and I hope that all of us will be able to find good places for our work in the future.

Most of all I’d like to express my appreciation for the work Deena has done, as well as Selena and JoSelle who have worked tirelessly with us authors to try to get all of our books back into our hands. As one who has suffered her share of medical difficulty, I very much feel for how Deena’s health issues have impacted her, and I am hopeful that she will have as easy a recovery as possible.

As always, thank you all for your support!

Drollerie Press, Faerie Blood

The state of Drollerie Press (and Faerie Blood)

This has started getting talked about in a few public places, so I’m going to go ahead and address it here. Long story short, Drollerie Press is in a slow state of collapse, pretty much due to the ongoing serious health issues our senior editor, userinfoserasempre, is suffering. All indications are that this is an honorable collapse, mind you–and as someone who’s suffered her own health problems in the recent past, I can certainly attest that it’s tough to get through day to day things if your health is rocky, never mind running a publishing company.

There are rumors that Drollerie may be sold, but at this time they are only rumors. I have however taken the step of asking for the return of my rights to Faerie Blood. I don’t have a confirmed date as to when this will happen, given that it (like all other outstanding things that editor Deena needs to take care of) is dependent upon her ability to get to it. But given that this is now in the queue, if you want Faerie Blood, you should go ahead and get it from the site of your choice. Drollerie’s own site is your best bet as that’s the source most likely to get me any payment for it.

Or, if you are so inclined, I have a small number of CD copies of Faerie Blood still available. If you’re local to me, you can have one for $5. If you’re not local, you can have one for $7.

What I will do with the book once I have it back remains to be seen. Much will depend upon whether Drollerie is in fact sold (in which case the possibility exists that new management may be interested in keeping it), or on whether I can find a home for it where the book hasn’t already been queried. I have received Good Advice that one way to go about that may well be to finish Book 2 and query them together. We’ll see.

Bone Walker remains the most likely means through which I could query Faerie Blood anywhere else, since that’ll wind up being a full novel. The current novella-length pieces I’m thinking about for the Warder universe (the Oscar story, the Elizabeth/Ross story, the Millicent origin story) will also have to be considered.

More on this as I know it, all.

Drollerie Press

Drollerie Press needs a new cover artist

Drollerie Press’ current acting head editor, Selena Green, has relayed to us Drollerie authors that our head editor, userinfoserasempre (Deena Fisher) is in poor enough health that Drollerie is now seeking a new cover artist. Those of you who’ve bought Faerie Blood and/or Defiance may note that Deena did the covers of each; in fact, Deena’s covers were part of what drew me to Drollerie in the first place.

We’re very much hoping for Deena to have a nice peaceful recovery, but in the meantime, Selena has asked us Drollerie authors to spread the word that we do need a new cover artist. So if you or someone you know has experience in the realm of cover art for ebooks, talk to me and I’ll get you in touch with Selena. Thanks all.

Defiance, Drollerie Press, Faerie Blood

Drollerie store live again!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled ability to buy Faerie Blood and Defiance on their native turf, already in progress! My editor’s put a nice top-level link right into the store on the DP site now, so it should be easy to find if you’re coming in off the homepage as well. Have at, folks, and do let me know if you have any issues purchasing either book.

Offer still stands on the CDs, though! 😉

Defiance, Drollerie Press, Faerie Blood

Drollerie Press store is broken, apologies all

Over the weekend, I found out from fellow author Tia Nevitt, who was trying to buy Faerie Blood, that our store at Drollerie Press had fallen over hard. We are still unfortunately undergoing technical difficulties. My editor userinfoserasempre and the rest of the DP staff have been working hard to get us back up and running, and I’ll be pitching in some technical assistance as well as work to get the new store re-stocked with Drollerie books.

Unfortunately though this means in the meantime that if you’d like to buy Faerie Blood or Defiance, the DP store is not available to do so. Many apologies for the inconvenience, folks!

In the meantime I would recommend that if you’d like to buy Faerie Blood, my best recommendations on where to get it are Amazon for Kindle users, and Fictionwise or Scribd for non-Kindle users (and those latter two links should be DRM-free as well as far as I know).

Defiance is also available at Amazon and at Scribd.

And, if all else fails, I still have a small number of CDs with Faerie Blood on them that I’d made for the reading I attended last fall. I’ll still be happy to sell those to interested parties, $8 if you’re local to me and I can hand-deliver you the disc, or $10 if you’re non-local!

Watch this space for further news. I’ll post again when the DP store lives!

Drollerie Press, Other People's Books

Some potential Awesome

Courtesy of userinfoupstart_crow, I hear tell of a forthcoming anthology that involves the words “lesbian” and “steampunk”. I do believe I shall have to check this out, and if I can score a review ARC, I will totally be bumping it up to the top of my reading queue.

More details over here!

Oh, and while I’m on the topic of queer anthologies, it also behooves me to plug Drollerie Press’ own forthcoming queer antho Hellebore and Rue. Aptly enough, userinfoupstart_crow is involved in the editing of that as well!

Details on Hellebore and Rue are over here.

Drollerie Press

Vacation Reads!

So I’ve been remiss in posting about this, given that things have been pretty wacky at work this month and that’s been eating my brain–but my fellow Drollerie Press author Anna Kashina has been spearheading an awesome promotion this entire month. It’s Vacation Reads, helping people spread the word not only about their own work, but about other works that are just generally fun to read.

Several of my other fellow Drollerie authors as well as fine folks from the Outer Alliance and the Vacation Reads Facebook group are participating, so check the Vacation Reads master site for more data. And watch this space for my own forthcoming post to participate in this weekend’s round of recommendations! Mad props to the other Anna K. for putting all this together!