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Drollerie store live again!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled ability to buy Faerie Blood and Defiance on their native turf, already in progress! My editor’s put a nice top-level link right into the store on the DP site now, so it should be easy to find if you’re coming in off the homepage as well. Have at, folks, and do let me know if you have any issues purchasing either book.

Offer still stands on the CDs, though! 😉

Defiance, Drollerie Press, Faerie Blood

Drollerie Press store is broken, apologies all

Over the weekend, I found out from fellow author Tia Nevitt, who was trying to buy Faerie Blood, that our store at Drollerie Press had fallen over hard. We are still unfortunately undergoing technical difficulties. My editor userinfoserasempre and the rest of the DP staff have been working hard to get us back up and running, and I’ll be pitching in some technical assistance as well as work to get the new store re-stocked with Drollerie books.

Unfortunately though this means in the meantime that if you’d like to buy Faerie Blood or Defiance, the DP store is not available to do so. Many apologies for the inconvenience, folks!

In the meantime I would recommend that if you’d like to buy Faerie Blood, my best recommendations on where to get it are Amazon for Kindle users, and Fictionwise or Scribd for non-Kindle users (and those latter two links should be DRM-free as well as far as I know).

Defiance is also available at Amazon and at Scribd.

And, if all else fails, I still have a small number of CDs with Faerie Blood on them that I’d made for the reading I attended last fall. I’ll still be happy to sell those to interested parties, $8 if you’re local to me and I can hand-deliver you the disc, or $10 if you’re non-local!

Watch this space for further news. I’ll post again when the DP store lives!

Defiance, Faerie Blood, Mirror's Gate

There goes my amateur standing

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to report that as of this evening, I have received royalties for my writing for the very first time in my writing career. Actual money for my actual words is now in my possession. It ain’t much, I grant you–I am, after all, a micropress ebook author–but it’s evidence that somebody out there has in fact cared to put down a few of their dollars in exchange for my work.

Roughly 217 somebodies, in fact. If you’re one of those 217 or so, I thank you wholeheartedly and hope you’ll have enjoyed what I provided. Most of these sales are indeed Faerie Blood, although Defiance does have a tiny blip of presence on the statement. Also, it is a point of interest that the reported sales are for Drollerie Press’s own site, Fictionwise (by far the majority of the sales), and Mobipocket. Amazon sales are not represented and hopefully this will be updated as of the next statement received. Clearly, though, Fictionwise loves me. <3

There are more words on the way! And tonight's addition to that "more", tapped out on the iPhone at Conflikt while listening to the inimitable Alexander James Adams belting out his best (and then more typed after), was a few hundred more words into Chapter 1 of Mirror’s Gate. I know now that the lead characters are Aleksandr and Yevanya Morokev, and that Yevanya’s cousin who’d really like nothing better than to step into the esteemed position of “husband” with her is Antoli. The names are of course Russian-influenced, although I’ll be playing around with this some and thinking about how the elves of Vreyland would have affected the language and the naming conventions. Plus, I just want to throw in a few character names that aren’t direct real-world analogues.

Tonight’s efforts got paused though as I got to a point where I need to mention the name of the city serving as the primary setting here, and I’m not sure yet whether I want a short terse name or a long exotic one. Spent some time mulling the list on Wikipedia of Russian cities, but so far none of them have served as inspiration for naming the Vreyish capital. Potential elven influence may be called for here.

Written tonight: 316
Chapter 1 total: 546
Mirror’s Gate total: 546

Defiance, Short Pieces

First review in for Defiance!

Check it out you guys, Soleil Noir has some lovely things to say about Defiance over here.

About my story “The Blood of the Land” in particular, she says:

This is set in the world of Angela’s previous book “Faerie Blood”. A book I read and enjoyed. I have to say though, I actually liked this story more.

Go check out the review for the full text, and also what she has to say about and ‘s pieces as well!

Defiance, Site Updates

Site update, and more on Defiance

In honor of the shiny new anthology Defiance being released, I’ve updated the site to celebrate the new cover. Y’all should see both of my works listed on the sidebar of my site now, and the color scheme’s been flipped back to blue to go with the new banner.

Also, I’ve shifted all my works in progress off to a new In Progress subpage of Books, because I wanted to spruce up the Books page a bit now that there are two things on it!

Please to note that so far Defiance is only available via the Drollerie bookshop, but we have it in all our usual formats: PDF, ePub, Microsoft Reader, Sony, and Mobipocket, so any of these should hopefully suit your ebook-reading needs! I will of course post further link updates as the book makes its way out into the wild. I have added the book to Goodreads, but if any of you out there who are LibraryThing users want to add it on that site, please feel free!

And oh yeah–I’ve been sent my personal copy and have gotten my editor’s leave to do a promo or two. So y’all be out on the lookout for another drawing forthcoming!

Defiance, Drollerie Press, Short Pieces

The Civil War anthology is OUT!

Ooh ooh ooh, the anthology I’m in with and has just come out, people! Now available for sale on Drollerie Press’s store is the Civil War anthology Defiance, featuring our three pieces set during that time frame, each with supernatural elements in it.

My story’s “The Blood of the Land”, in the same universe as Faerie Blood. The slave woman Dorcas, who is gifted with healing powers, is escaping along with her beloved Caleb and fleeing north to Canada. But when they reach their first stop on the Underground Railroad, a farm owned by the Warder Elias Sutherland, they find Elias’ wife has been murdered by the men hunting them–and Elias’ Warder wife Jenny is not taking her slaying kindly.

Laura Anne Gilman and Joely Sue Burkhart also have excellent stories in this release, y’all, so I highly encourage you to check it out!