Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood now available for the Nook in the UK

Thanks to Barnes and Noble extending the reach of the Nook into the UK, you can now buy Faerie Blood for that device there! I’ve had a few UK folks buy me for the Kindle, many thanks for that–and many thanks as well, in advance, to any UK Nook owners who might happen to pick me up!

And now that this is in place, the UK Nook link has now been added to the official Faerie Blood page!

Meanwhile, the iTunes store has opened up business in 18 more territories and I’ll be deploying the book to those, just because I can, as soon as I can! My iTunes sales have fallen off hard, but I can’t sell nothin’ if the books ain’t on the stores! More news on this as events warrant.

On a related note, as a general reminder, I do still have plenty of print copies of Faerie Blood available. So if you never got one out of the first print run and you’d like a print copy, contact me and let me know! Check the Faerie Blood page for info on how to pay me for a print copy!

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