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Since I've been asked, a contest addendum!

pointed out to me that y’all may find it useful to know my history of naming electronics I’ve owned if that’ll help you decide what to nominate for a naming choice.

I’ve had no formal naming scheme for my personal electronics, across the history of my buying stuff, aside from loose association with one of my fandoms. In my time I’ve owned:

Amiga 500: Elvis
NEC laptop: Aron
Sharp laptop: Garon
Compaq Presario #1: Garon
Compaq Presario #2: Garon
Fujitsu Lifebook: Newstar
MacBook: Winnowill
iPod #1: Allegro
iPod #2: Allegretto
HP iPaq: GIR

Overall themes here: musical fandom (i.e., Elvis, Elvis’ middle name, middle name of Elvis’ stillborn twin brother); Elfquest (Newstar and Winnowill), music (musical terms). Our servers here at the Murkworks are all named after objects in Elfquest (Newmoon, Lodestone, Door), and our media server is also named after an Elfquest character (Kimo). I have a thumb drive named after Fallberry, one of the Preservers I used to play on Two Moons MUSH.

So anything that invokes any of my fandoms is certainly fair game, and Elfquest is certainly one of my longest-running fandoms. Anything invoking MUSH alts I used to play or characters I’m writing now, also fair game, as are appropriate musical terms. I will further add that anything that refers to an assistant-type character, computer, or AI, especially if it’s connected to any of my fandoms, is a Good Idea. 😉

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