Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood Second Edition is imminent!

For those of you who may have missed me yakking about this on the various social networks, or who are not in on the updates I’ve been sending to my Kickstarter backers:

The release of Faerie Blood Second Edition is EXTREMELY NIGH. My belovedest Dara has finished up the print layout, both the interior and the cover, and our contact Vladimir at Third Place Press has acquired a formal ISBN for us and given us a bar code and everything to put on the cover.

Meanwhile, I have Release Candidate 3 versions of the epub, mobi, and HTML files, which are awaiting final signoff from the beta readers who are checking them for any last bugs before I deploy them all to backers! Likewise, the PDF version awaits final signoff before Dara spins off a backers version which will include the same cover graphic the other ebook versions do.

I have issued a deadline to beta readers of Saturday morning, and assuming I don’t get any last-minute bugs that need fixing, I will deploy the ebook editions of Faerie Blood to all Kickstarter backers at that time! The final interior and cover PDFs will also be deployed to Third Place, and hopefully printing will therefore begin next week!

Much gratitude to all my beta readers who’ve gone over the various ebook files and found all the broken accented characters, weirdnesses with styling, and such! Especial huge shoutouts go to backers Ellen and Oliver, for Ellen is a GODDESS of typo discovery, and Oliver appealed to my little QA Engineer’s heart by sending me a bunch of screenshots! (When you’re fixing bugs, ladies and gentlemen, screenshots are beautiful, shiny love. Whether it’s for software, or for ebooks!)

Check out what the RC3 version looks like when I look at it in iBooks on my iPad, y’all!

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Table of Contents

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