Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Want to see Anna with anime hair? New Faerie Blood giveaway!

Here’s the fun thing about my belovedest of Daras liking to joke about how she’s now got the Supervillain Hair she always deserved: I have firsthand evidence of what can happen when you go to an awesome hair salon. And I gotta admit, people, I’m strangely tempted by the prospect of doing something wacky to my hair.

And this is where you come in!

As of this writing, the second edition of Faerie Blood now stands at 262 recorded copies sold. Internets, I’ll make a pact with you: when that number breaks 300, I will go to Dara’s salon and have them do something awesome to my hair. I’m thinking anime hair. Blue or green or purple. Or maybe all three!

I will promise you pictures. And to make it particularly amusing, if Faerie Blood sales break 300 by the end of August, I will even post video. Possibly of me getting my hair dyed, possibly of me playing something on one of my instruments, whatever whim may strike. It could well be a surprise!

Now, a lot of you who read me on a regular basis have probably already bought Faerie Blood, so if I’m going to run this sales number up, I’m going to need your help, people. So my standard giveaway rules apply. Help spread the word by promoting the link to this giveaway, and I’ll also do a little drawing on top of hair-based amusements!

I will offer three prizes, and three randomly selected persons will get one of each of these things, chosen at random:

  1. $25 credit to the book-selling store or site of their choice
  2. Faerie Blood package! You get a print copy AND an ebook copy of Faerie Blood!
  3. Valor of the Healer package! You get the ebook of Valor AND the audiobook!

Here’s how you’ll get into the drawing!

  • Comment to me on this post or anywhere you see this post go up from me directly: 1 entry
  • Reshare the post on any social network, via reshare, reblog, RT, etc.: 2 entries
  • Post on your own blog or journal: 2 entries
  • Show me evidence you just bought Faerie Blood off of any site where it’s for sale: 3 entries
  • Buy Faerie Blood directly from me in ebook form: 3 entries
  • Buy Faerie Blood from me in print (LIMITED, because I have only four print copies of the book left and I’ll need to save one for the giveaway): 5 entries

For the record: you will get pics whether or not the 300 mark is crossed at the end of August, and I will also do the giveaway regardless. But if you want to see video, then I want to see that deadline hit! 😉

So y’all wanna see me with anime hair? You wanna see me playing some music with that hair? Possibly even singing? Possibly in French? Then go and reblog like the wind!

ETA: Fixed the drawing description. To be clear: I’m going to do three random draws, not just one. Each draw will be for one of the three offered prizes!

ETA #2: ADDITIONAL NEW RULE! Since I have at least one confirmed referral that resulted in a purchase of the book, anyone who refers a friend to buying Faerie Blood AND has that friend confirm purchase will get three additional entries for both them AND their friend in the drawings at the end of this month. Because referrals are love. Many thanks to Yngvar for referring Paula, who confirmed buying the book and prompted me to declare this rule. <3

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