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Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Bone Walker Kickstarter update, and other news!

As I’ve just told the backers of my 2012 Kickstarter, all owed copies of the print edition of Bone Walker have been sent out to their recipients. This is very gratifying, as it gets me that much closer to being able to finally finish off my Kickstarter obligations.

This means that the rest of the copies in my personal stock are ones I can sell, free and clear! A couple will be handed out as part of my ongoing Goodreads giveaway, which ends at the end of this month. So if you’re a Goodreads user and you’d like a crack at a free copy of the book, hop right over here and clickie! I’m offering two copies of the book to Goodreads users in the US and Canada.

ALSO: reader and supporter David is about to finish up his own giveaway for print copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, as well as a copy of the soundtrack. That giveaway is in progress over here, and it ends on March 8th, so time is running out! Your chances of winning are still VERY good, so go give it a look, won’t you?

Meanwhile, the sales on the ebook editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are over, and both books have reset to their $4.99 price points. But they’re still available on many major ebook vending sites, as well as directly from me! As always, links to buy are on the official Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages.

And since the rest of my stock of copies of Bone Walker are free and clear to sell, don’t forget, you can order those directly from me (see the Buying From Me page) or buy one via the Bandcamp page!

Any questions, let me know! And as always, thank you for your support.

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Bone Walker giveaway goodness!

Now that I’ve got my mitts on the first full print run for Bone Walker, in addition to all the copies I’m sending out to my patient Kickstarter backers, I can ALSO do giveaways!

So I’ve set one up on Goodreads for two copies, which will be running through to the end of March. This is open to any Goodreads users in the US and Canada–sorry, overseas folks, postage for sending individual copies of books is just too steep for me to send freebies out to people who weren’t Kickstarter backers! If you’re a US or Canadian Goodreads user, though, here’s the giveaway widget! Clickie!

ETA: putting this behind a fold because the Javascript breaks on Livejournal. If you’re reading this on LJ or Dreamwidth, the direct link for the giveaway is here!

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Bone Walker

Bone Walker is ALMOST HERE

Conflikt proved to be quite delightful in general, but also in particular for selling copies of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker! I sold six of the one and three of the other, and the release concert went quite swimmingly as well. I made piccolo noises on a stage that contained ALL OF THE MEMBERS OF TRICKY PIXIE.

And I played all the notes I needed to play, in the correct order, and at the right times. WIN! I’m here to tell you, too: I am NOT used to performance adrenalin, and for a short while after that show was over, I was shaky!

Also WIN: two people I didn’t know coming up to me to ask me to sign books for them, which was pretty awesome. And mind-blowing, because at least one of those two people was (or so I was informed by well-meaning friends of said person) very shy about approaching me. I am not used to THAT, either!

But now that I’m home, I can return to the business of getting Bone Walker out to you all. Particularly my long-waiting Kickstarter backers, to whom I shall start mailing copies of the print edition this week.

Meanwhile, the ebook goes on official sale TOMORROW. I’m now up into two digits of preorders, so YAY and thanks to all who have preordered so far. I am also moving forward with deploying the book for sale up on, since they don’t do preorders. And since it’ll take a bit for them to actually process the book, I elected to put it up TODAY, so hopefully it’ll be done by tomorrow and Nook owners will be able to scarf the book along with everybody else.

(And don’t forget, if you want to preorder the book today, all the places you can do so are linked up on the book’s official page!)

Last but not least: yesterday was my turn to post on the Here Be Magic blog, and I did in fact post about Bone Walker, right over here! I talk some about the magical importance of music in the Warder universe, and I’m looking for comments on what songs are magical to you. I’ll be giving out a print edition of Bone Walker to a randomly selected commenter, so CLICKIE!

Valor of the Healer

Giveaway for Valor of the Healer!

For those of you who didn’t see me post about this on the social networks yesterday, I’d like to call to your attention that there is a giveaway active for Valor of the Healer right over here on the Here Be Magic blog!

Nine entries so far and a winner should be selected this weekend. So if you haven’t gotten hold of a copy of the book yet and you’d like a shot at an EPUB or a PDF, c’mon over and jump in, won’t you? I’ll be happy to answer questions in the comments, too.

Now would be a really good time to read Valor, since Vengeance of the Hunter drops in April. And don’t forget–book’s still available for $2.99 via Carina Press and all major ebook vendors. So it’s super-cheap to pick up for yourself too, or as a gift for the forthcoming holidays!

Thanks all!

Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Announcing the winners of the August 2013 Faerie Blood giveaway!

And now, the winners of the August 2013 Faerie Blood (and Valor of the Healer) giveaway!

To Kathryn H., who reshared on Google+ and who dropped a comment on the giveaway post: you get the $25 credit to the book-selling store or site of your choice!

To Cheryl M., also for resharing on Google+: you get the print and ebook copies of Faerie Blood!

To Angela R., for comment and reshare love on Facebook: you get the ebook AND audio copies of Valor of the Healer!

Winners, you may accept your winnings on behalf of yourself or of someone you’d like to give the items to. I will be contacting the winners to make arrangements to hand out the shinies!

Thank you all for playing! And for the record, I am now 26 sales of Faerie Blood away from doing something amusing to my hair. Chances are good I’ll have anime hair by Second Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas! There WILL still be pictures! Check back here for events as they happen, Internets!

Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Want to see Anna with anime hair? New Faerie Blood giveaway!

Here’s the fun thing about my belovedest of Daras liking to joke about how she’s now got the Supervillain Hair she always deserved: I have firsthand evidence of what can happen when you go to an awesome hair salon. And I gotta admit, people, I’m strangely tempted by the prospect of doing something wacky to my hair.

And this is where you come in!

As of this writing, the second edition of Faerie Blood now stands at 262 recorded copies sold. Internets, I’ll make a pact with you: when that number breaks 300, I will go to Dara’s salon and have them do something awesome to my hair. I’m thinking anime hair. Blue or green or purple. Or maybe all three!

I will promise you pictures. And to make it particularly amusing, if Faerie Blood sales break 300 by the end of August, I will even post video. Possibly of me getting my hair dyed, possibly of me playing something on one of my instruments, whatever whim may strike. It could well be a surprise!

Now, a lot of you who read me on a regular basis have probably already bought Faerie Blood, so if I’m going to run this sales number up, I’m going to need your help, people. So my standard giveaway rules apply. Help spread the word by promoting the link to this giveaway, and I’ll also do a little drawing on top of hair-based amusements!

I will offer three prizes, and three randomly selected persons will get one of each of these things, chosen at random:

  1. $25 credit to the book-selling store or site of their choice
  2. Faerie Blood package! You get a print copy AND an ebook copy of Faerie Blood!
  3. Valor of the Healer package! You get the ebook of Valor AND the audiobook!

Here’s how you’ll get into the drawing!

  • Comment to me on this post or anywhere you see this post go up from me directly: 1 entry
  • Reshare the post on any social network, via reshare, reblog, RT, etc.: 2 entries
  • Post on your own blog or journal: 2 entries
  • Show me evidence you just bought Faerie Blood off of any site where it’s for sale: 3 entries
  • Buy Faerie Blood directly from me in ebook form: 3 entries
  • Buy Faerie Blood from me in print (LIMITED, because I have only four print copies of the book left and I’ll need to save one for the giveaway): 5 entries

For the record: you will get pics whether or not the 300 mark is crossed at the end of August, and I will also do the giveaway regardless. But if you want to see video, then I want to see that deadline hit! 😉

So y’all wanna see me with anime hair? You wanna see me playing some music with that hair? Possibly even singing? Possibly in French? Then go and reblog like the wind!

ETA: Fixed the drawing description. To be clear: I’m going to do three random draws, not just one. Each draw will be for one of the three offered prizes!

ETA #2: ADDITIONAL NEW RULE! Since I have at least one confirmed referral that resulted in a purchase of the book, anyone who refers a friend to buying Faerie Blood AND has that friend confirm purchase will get three additional entries for both them AND their friend in the drawings at the end of this month. Because referrals are love. Many thanks to Yngvar for referring Paula, who confirmed buying the book and prompted me to declare this rule. <3

Valor of the Healer

Winners of the Valor of the Healer giveaway!

And now, the winners of the Valor of the Healer giveaway! Drumroll, if you please:

Tiger, who commented on Goodreads!

And KatanaPen, who gave me some Twitter replies and RTs!

Tiger and KatanaPen, please contact me privately with the means of your choice to let me know how I can get you a copy of Valor of the Healer. Best way to reach me will be email to my gmail address, annathepiper! But you can also DM me on Twitter (annathepiper) or PM me on Facebook (again, annathepiper).

Congrats to you and thanks all for participating!