Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Announcing the winners of the August 2013 Faerie Blood giveaway!

And now, the winners of the August 2013 Faerie Blood (and Valor of the Healer) giveaway!

To Kathryn H., who reshared on Google+ and who dropped a comment on the giveaway post: you get the $25 credit to the book-selling store or site of your choice!

To Cheryl M., also for resharing on Google+: you get the print and ebook copies of Faerie Blood!

To Angela R., for comment and reshare love on Facebook: you get the ebook AND audio copies of Valor of the Healer!

Winners, you may accept your winnings on behalf of yourself or of someone you’d like to give the items to. I will be contacting the winners to make arrangements to hand out the shinies!

Thank you all for playing! And for the record, I am now 26 sales of Faerie Blood away from doing something amusing to my hair. Chances are good I’ll have anime hair by Second Thanksgiving, or maybe Christmas! There WILL still be pictures! Check back here for events as they happen, Internets!

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