Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

I need your help on initial Kickstarter thoughts!

So let’s get this show on the road, people. I want to start planning the Kickstarter project to get Bone Walker finished and purchasable, but as Phase 1 of this, I’d like your feedback on potential incentives!

I want to hear from you if you fall into any of the following categories:

  1. You’ve run a successful Kickstarter campaign (what incentives worked to get you supporters?)
  2. You’ve supported a successful Kickstarter campaign (what incentives got you to support the campaign?)
  3. You are a prior reader of Faerie Blood and you want more in the same universe (what would get you to support this campaign?)
  4. You haven’t read anything in the Warder universe yet and you want to (same question as previous)

Note that the overall point of this Kickstarter would be to get Bone Walker finished and purchasable in electronic and print formats, with the side bonus of doing a second edition release of Faerie Blood. Thus the things I’d need to pay for would include:

  1. Commission of cover art for both books (cost TDB, I have a query out to a potential cover artist)
  2. A proper edit pass over Bone Walker (estimated cost $700), since it absolutely must be edited by someone who isn’t me; a query is out to a potential editor
  3. Initial setup cost with either Third Place or the University Book Store, depending on who has better rates, to get both books printable on the Espresso Book Machine (estimated cost $150 to set up both books)
  4. Cost per book and per page of printing individual copies of both books (cost TDB, as Bone Walker isn’t finished yet, but Faerie Blood would probably run me $2 per book and $.03 per page)

Look behind the fold for my thoughts on potential incentives. I want your feedback on order of incentive levels, combinations of potential incentives, and viable pledge levels for them! Also, if you can think of any really nifty incentives I don’t include here, do please let me know!

Here are my initial thoughts on a rough draft of potential incentives and pledge levels:

$5 or more:

A DRM-free copy of Bone Walker‘s electronic edition, in .mobi, .pdf, and .epub formats, and your name in the Acknowledgements section of that book.

$10 or more:

As above, plus a DRM-free copy of Faerie Blood‘s electronic second edition, in the same formats, and your name in the Acknowledgements section of that book.

$15 or more:

As above, plus a DRM-free copy of the Warder-universe short story “The Blood of the Land”, with new layout and cover art.

$25 or more:

As above, plus a signed print copy of Bone Walker.

$50 or more:

As above, plus a signed print copy of Faerie Blood‘s second edition.

Now, all of the above are incentives I am reasonably confident I can offer. Here are others I could offer if enough extra money is raised:

Since this Kickstarter is specifically for Bone Walker, Book 2 of the projected Kendis/Christopher trilogy, I will be focused on finishing that book. However, enough extra money would also raise the potential of me also doing the as of yet unnamed Book 3, which is projected to take place partly in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and to follow up on the backstory with Christopher’s mother, alluded to in Faerie Blood. This would be the biggest and most important extra potential incentive!

Also there are:

  1. The first Warder universe novella, featuring my psychic chick of size who is asked to help find out who murdered the Warder of Providence, Rhode Island. This work is already in progress so would be the first one I’d offer as an extra incentive.
  2. The second Warder universe novella, featuring a geeky tuba player who must help a Warder save migrating sea dragons.
  3. Warder universe novella #3, featuring the young Millicent Merriweather becoming the Warder of Seattle in 1953.
  4. Depending on how things work out with a potential cover artist, I could investigate the idea of prints of cover art.

And in terms of incentives for ridiculously high pledges, I would totally be willing to consider commissioned short stories, novellas, or even full novels set in the time and place of the supporter’s choice, as long as they were within the Warder universe. And I’d totally consider naming characters after supporters as well.

So talk to me, people! How should I improve upon these potential incentives?

Note also: for people who have already purchased Faerie Blood, I don’t want to make you pay for it twice, so I want your feedback on how to make these incentives worth your time as well if I’m going to be offering a second edition of the same book!

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