Dear Peter Jackson’s Middle-Earth: I have MISSED YOU

The Internets have been shaken tonight, my children. Oh my yes, because the first trailer for The Hobbit has been given unto us. And how awesome is this? Behold:

And, putting reactions behind the fold so you can watch the glory first!

OMG OMG OMG. Martin Freeman looking so beautiful as young Ian-Holm!Bilbo! Gandalf’s shorter, darker beard! The DWARVES OMG the dwarves and Kili and Fili and Thorin: all strangely hot for dwarves! The SONG which I cannot WAIT to hear in full deep resonance in the theater! Rivendell! Hobbiton! STING! What’s… a…. Bagginses, precioussssss? EEEEEEEEEEE!

Oh dear gods I have missed Peter Jackson’s vision of this world. I mean yeah sure, I’ve got the Lord of the Rings movies right here to be watched at any time–but OMG it makes me so happy that this is happening now too. Even if we have to wait another year for it to arrive EEEEEEEEEE!

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