Christmas Eve book roundup

This is likely to be my last book roundup before the end of the year, so here goes!

Picked up electronically from Barnes and Noble:

  • White Tiger, by Kylie Chan. Grabbed this because it’s on sale for .99, and for that price, I’m willing to try Book 1 of quite a few things. This is urban fantasy purporting to be heavy on the Chinese mythos, though the protagonist is an Australian woman, and reviews indicate I should probably expect some Mary-Sue-ism going in. Specifically, this one was reviewed over at Smart Bitches, since there tends to be overlap between urban fantasy and paranormal romance. We’ll see where on the UF/PR spectrum this one falls.
  • Phoenix Rising, by Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris. Steampunk, #1 of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series. I actually already have this one in mass market paperback, but I grabbed it electronically because again, .99 price point.
  • Napoleon’s Pyramids, by William Dietrich. Adventure/suspense, it looks like, of the “find the mysterious historical artifact” variety. Grabbed this one since it was a NOOK freebie.
  • Kitemaster and Other Stories, by Jim C. Hines. Short story collection. Grabbed this one because Jim Hines is generally awesome, and because there’s also a preview in here of his forthcoming Libriomancer novel.

And, picked up electronically from Kobo, since they sent me a 20 percent off coupon for a purchase because of being a customer there for a year:

  • Kit’s Law: A Novel, by Donna Morrissey. Re-buy of a book previously owned in print, a story set in Newfoundland.

247 for the year.

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