Because indie authors are love book roundup post

Only one book to report for this post, and I’m doing it anyway because I need to clear out my inbox!

I commend to your all’s attention True Gold by M.M. Justus, a.k.a. userinfommegaera, same ID on Dreamwidth! I quite liked her first independent release, which was Repeating History. So if you like historical romance with Western flavor to it, and you’re an ebook person, go check her out, mmkay? Nice and cheap at just $3.99 for either book on Smashwords.

109 for the year!

ETA: Oops, I totally forgot that I also picked up two things in print–userinfoseanan_mcguire‘s latest Toby Daye, Ashes of Honor, and the final Sirantha Jax book by Ann Aguirre, Endgame! So that actually puts me at 111 for the year.

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