Because Susan continues to have all the Awesome

So y’all know how I was gushing about my friend Susan arranging a Le Vent du Nord concert in Uxbridge?

Well, she commissioned some art by Kevin Bolk of the boys, and made some posters of that art to promote the concert, and she was handing them out as incentives to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. She also set aside a few to be used as she saw fit–and she saw fit to send ME one, because she’s just ENTIRELY AWESOME LIKE THAT.

So now I have this darling thing hanging just behind the monitor of my Mac at work. I love it so. I particularly love that Chibi!Simon’s guitar is pointed in the wrong direction, but I choose to believe that this means that Chibi!Simon is CLEARLY ambidextrous, and can play a guitar no matter what direction it’s pointing in! In fact, I would even hazard a guess that Chibi!Simon, in the grand tradition of Anime Characters Everywhere, would be able to whirl his guitar around his head in a stunning transformation sequence, playing it the entire time. And then he’d do it again with his bouzouki. Or possibly even play both instruments at once.

And it goes without saying that I totally fangirl Chibi!Olivier and his tiny violin! This, O Internets, is a situation in which the playing of a tiny violin is, in fact, GOOD. ;D

Chibi Le Vent du Nord!

Chibi Le Vent du Nord!

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