Faerie Blood

Self-pub sales update

In the event that any of you all coming in are new (since I’ve picked up a few Carina people following me on Twitter, hi Carina people!), here’s a quick note for you: while I’ll be writing for Carina under the name of Angela Highland, I’m also doing a series under my actual name of Angela Korra’ti. The first of those was Faerie Blood, originally published via Drollerie Press, reborn as a Kickstarter self-pubbed novel and now available on several major ebook sites as well as in print if you get it directly from me!

And now I’ve been keeping an eye on how my sales do. As expected, they’re teeny tiny numbers, but they’re non-zero, so now I’m pretty much at a state of ‘every so often pocket change shows up’. Which is really pretty nifty. This post is of course prompted by Amazon just notifying me that I’m about to get another drop of pocket change from them on the 28th–for the amount of $45.65. That’s going straight into the Buy Anna A Shiny Thing, Most Likely a New Macbook Fund. 😀

Amazon continues to be the place where I sell the most ebooks, though at least last month iTunes was giving it a bit of a run for its money. On both sites I’ve usually cleared 10 sales a month (though this month so far I haven’t had a one on iTunes). The Nook’s generally getting me 1-2 sales a month. Smashwords and Kobo are barely on the radar, with 2 sales for Smashwords and 3 for Kobo, and that’s total over the last couple of months.

I’m very pleased to report as well that whoever buys the next copy of Faerie Blood will in fact be my hundredth sale for this entire year! And remember, folks–if you want a print copy, you can buy those directly from me! Same deal if you’d like to buy the ebook and don’t want to go through the various vending sites, which of course want their own cut of my money. I will happily hand-sell you the book in the format of your choice.

Thanks to all who contributed to my sales last month! I hope you all have enjoyed or will be enjoying the book!

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