Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Test run of color versions of the Faerie Blood cover!

YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS! Check out what lovely shiny things Kiri Moth has sent me!

This is a test run of various color schemes for the Faerie Blood cover art, both in light and dark color palettes. These aren’t final–these are Kiri playing with the color schemes and sending me samples to get my vote–but all of them are so pretty that I wanted to share with them you all!

I will be working with her on the #2 light theme as we move forward to the final color art, since I feel that one’s got the best color punch of the three of those, and I want to hold a darker color scheme for Bone Walker‘s cover. Still, though, all of them? SO SHINY. I am full of the artistic swoon.

And just remember, people, a book with the final version of this very art can be yours. If you haven’t pledged yet, come on over! Kendis wants to visit your shelves!

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