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Le Vent du Nord and Genticorum videos!

Because YouTube loves me this weekend and wants me to have awesome things, I bring to you three brand new videos posted by YouTube user bordurat, who clearly has a lock on all the best Quebecois band videos, and two older ones from the same user’s posts.

Videos behind the fold! The three new ones are from Le Vent du Nord’s recent CD launch party in Montreal–so all the between-song stage talk is in French, too fast for me to follow, but the videos are long and have two songs each, so they are quite worth your time. The two older ones are Genticorum, who I feature here now since those boys are putting in a powerful bid to become my Official Second Favorite Quebecois Band (though I reserve final judgement until De Temps Antan gets out here in August)!

Video #1 from the Le Vent launch show! This one has “La soireé du hockey”, and this performance is well worth it because you actually get the finish of the set, which fades out on the track on Tromper le Temps. It’s also got “Le cœur de ma mère”, of which I am very, very fond.

Video #2 from the Le Vent launch features “Le dragon de Chimay” and “Manteau d’hiver”, two of the most awesome tracks off the new album. Dragon transformation story FTW! And the instrumental is amazing; Olivier Demers makes the fiddle chime like crystal.

Video #3 from the Le Vent show: “Toujour amants” and “Lettre à Durham”!

And now, Genticorum!

First, some sweet hot piping a cappella goodness, with “Nagez rameurs”.

And second, an older video featuring guest fiddle from the aforementioned Olivier Demers! And take especial note of Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand on the flute. That guy? I’VE LEARNED TUNES FROM THAT GUY. He can PLAY. I’d say I want to play like him when I grow up, except screw that, I want to play like him NOW. 😀

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