Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

General reminder–and Kickstarter update!

I had a lovely surprise on my way home from work tonight, as a user on Twitter pinged me to ask if I knew how she could find Faerie Blood, because she couldn’t find it on Amazon! Stunned, I thanked her for getting in touch with me, advised her that my publisher had folded and so that edition of the book was no longer publicly for sale, and of course mentioned the Kickstarter in progress!

I also offered to handsell her the Drollerie edition immediately, which she took me up on. I’ve mentioned this before on this blog but I’ll mention it again–just for reference, all, if you still want to read the original Drollerie edition of Faerie Blood, I will still sell it to you! Five dollars to all comers, and that’ll get you the file format of your choice.

The easiest way to pay me is via PayPal to my gmail address, annathepiper. If you do not have a PayPal account, I will also accept $5 in credit to the Barnes and Noble ebook store (because I am a Nook owner and my wishlist is huge), or the same on either the US or Canadian iTunes stores (because I also have a pretty huge digital music wishlist)!

This offer will remain open until the second edition ebook of Faerie Blood is deployed, following the close of the Kickstarter project. Contact me by email (again, gmail, annathepiper) or DM me on the social network of your choice (Facebook, G+, Twitter, I’m annathepiper in all three places) if you’d like to buy that version of the book.

Or, you could support the Kickstarter! If you time it right, you could win a free copy anyway! I started handing them out to every 25th supporter, starting with #50, and the next one is due for backer #75!

And speaking of same–HUGE news tonight as we broke the $2,500 mark! The next big milestone is $3,000, and when we hit that, I will not only post Chapter 3 of both books, I will ALSO offer a character death to the backer who gets me there! Keep your support coming, people! You are all wonderful, every last one of you!

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