Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood Second Edition now officially available for the Kindle!

Everything is done processing, and so now the shiny second edition of Faerie Blood is available for general purchase for Kindle owners! Check it out, you guys! The Amazon.com link for it is right over here! 😀

I’m also available for purchase on the UK, DE, ES, FR, and IT Amazon sites, since those are apparently the other Amazon sites that have actual Kindle sites on them. However, I did set the book for worldwide rights, so at least in theory, if you’re an international customer and you go to the .com site, you should be able to buy it. I hope! If you ARE an international customer, let me know if that works for you!

I’ve already had a couple of sales, about which I’m in a suitable state of squee, especially given that the first one was actually to an amazon.es customer. So THANK YOU random person in Spain who bought my book!

The Faerie Blood page has been officially updated with all the Amazon links you can buy it from. I’ll be adding a link for Barnes and Noble when they’re done processing my account–so stand by, Nook owners, you’re next! I’m also working on getting onto the iBookstore, but since you have to buy stuff for that via the actual iBooks app, there won’t be a direct link here off my site. I’ve also put in the official prices I’m asking if you want to just buy the book directly from me, whether in electronic or physical form. More data will be added as I have it.

If you’re a prior reader of Faerie Blood‘s original Drollerie edition and you’d dropped a review on the Amazon page for it before, I’d very much appreciate a re-review. If you’re a Kickstarter backer, I’d also appreciate a review from you (a couple of you have already done so, and big, big thanks for that)!

Many, many thanks to all who’ve supported this book! I’m thrilled to make it available once again!

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