Faerie Blood

What you need to know if you want to buy Faerie Blood!

Third Place has provided me an ISBN for the ebook edition of Faerie Blood, O Internets, so my big project for tomorrow is going to be deploying for general release! Here is the Plan:

The mobi version will be going up on the Amazon Kindle store. I don’t actually need the ISBN for this version, since Amazon has its own internal tracking numbers for Kindle books, but an ISBN can be optionally specified.

The ISBN will officially be for the epub version, which I shall deploy to Barnes and Noble, to the iBookstore, and probably also to Smashwords depending on how much of a pain in the neck setting that up is. I’ve seen other writers posting about the headaches of Smashwords book conversion, so I need to read up on that and see how much work is required, or whether I can just straight-up post the perfectly lovely epub I’ve already handed out to Kickstarter backers.

I’m going to be targeting $5.99 as the retail price for versions of the ebook. This is comparable to prices I regularly pay for similar ebooks elsewhere, such as, say, with Carina. (And moving forward, for anything I self-pub, a pricepoint of $5.99 for a novel, $2.99 for a novella, and $.99 for a short story will be likely.) The instant I have confirmed links for these, I will be updating Faerie Blood’s official page with them.

As a general point of interest, though, I will NOT be deploying the PDF version for general release. Two reasons for this: one, best practice for ISBNs is that if I really wanted to sell the PDF, I’d need another one, and two, PDF sales have declined sharply in ebook markets in general since the sales numbers haven’t supported them. But that said, I will continue to hand-sell the PDF to anyone who really wants one. It’s got the lovely high-res art in it, so as I’ve said before, it’d be a good fit for anybody with an iPad 3 or other tablet that’s friendly to high-resolution art.

For persons who want to buy the PDF, the same hand-sell prices I’ve offered before will still apply: i.e., $5 straight up to anyone who can pay me via Paypal.

Meanwhile, stand by for updates on the print edition! Third Place informs me that they’ll be queuing up the print run to target finishing up sometime late this coming week. So by next weekend, hopefully, I should have all the copies going out to Kickstarter backers. The rest of them will include contributors’ copies (most notably of course to the fabulous Kiri Moth, as well as a couple for Dara to keep in her own portfolio), as well as my initial personal stock. Chances of using a couple for a Goodreads giveaway are very, very high as well!

The plan for selling the print copies will be that Third Place will offer them for retail sale, so people will be able to go to their site to order them right off the Internet if so desired. Anybody who actually wants one signed, though, you can buy them directly from me. And if you specifically want one out of the first print run, let me know ASAP so I’ll know how many of this print run I can plan on selling to people.

For copies sold by Third Place, the expected retail price will be $16.99 plus applicable sales tax and shipping charges if you’re ordering from them online and want them to mail it to you. The main advantages to ordering from Third Place will be convenience (because you won’t have to wait for me, they can just print you a copy on demand), the ability to pay with credit cards and such, and the support of one of the most awesome bookstores in Seattle. 🙂

On the other hand, if you want to get it straight from me, I will ask $15 if you are local or if I can otherwise hand-deliver it. If I need to ship it to you, I’ll be asking $20 to cover shipping and packaging costs. As with the hand-sells of the PDF, the best way to get me payment for this if you’re not local to me will be Paypal.

Excited about being almost ready to offer this book out to you all!

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