Christmas ebook roundup bonanza

This is an unusually large book roundup, because hey, lots of amassed online credit!

Grabbed from Barnes and Noble (and most of these were because I got a VISA gift card from work for my next yearly anniversary, and blew it on an ebook spree, woo!):

River Marked

River Marked

  • Rise of the Spider Goddess, by Jim C. Hines. Fantasy. Got because I thought it was hysterical that Hines published the manuscript of his very first novel ever, complete with snarky commentary about his younger self’s work.
  • And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie. Mystery. Got this as a freebie when I bought my new Nook.
  • The Hobbit, by J.R.R. Tolkien. Amused to actually get this as a freebie when I bought tickets to see Five Armies. I already have an ebook copy, but this one was the non-enhanced version.
  • Wanderlust, Doubleblind, Killbox, Aftermath, and Endgame, by Ann Aguirre. SF, books 2-6 of her Sirantha Jax series, re-bought in ebook to replace them in my library.
  • The Spymaster’s Lady, by Joanna Bourne. Historical romance. Re-bought in electronic form to clear out space on my shelves.
  • Genuine Lies, by Nora Roberts. Romantic suspense. Another digital re-buy of a previously owned print book.
  • River Marked, by Patricia Briggs. Book 6 of her Mercy Thompsons, another re-buy.
  • Blue Diablo, also by Ann Aguirre. Urban fantasy. The first of her Corine Solomon series.

Grabbed from iBooks since I did another run to empty the coin jar into the Coinstar machine at Safeway:

  • Deathless, by Catherynne M. Valente. Fantasy. Grabbed because I wanted to read her take on the Russian myth of Koschei the Deathless.
  • 7th Sigma, by Steven Gould. SF. Grabbed because I liked the concept of mysterious metal-eating machines, and the desert territory they’ve overrun.
  • Motherless Child, Glen Hirshberg. Horror. Grabbed because I am periodically in the mood for horror, and this sounded pretty creepy–and challenging the recent idea of the vampire as romantic hero.
  • The Three-Body Problem, by Cixin Liu. SF. Grabbed because I was very curious about this as it got talked up on, and because I want to get a taste of Chinese SF.
  • A Soul for Trouble, A Soul for Chaos, and A Soul for Vengeance, by Crista McHugh. Fantasy romance trilogy, picked up because I know the author via Carina Press.

Nabbed from Kobo:

  • The Secret Heart and The Lover’s Knot, by Erin Satie. Historical romance, first two books of her No Better Angels series. Grabbed because Book 2 was positively reviewed on Dear Author, and because I really like the author’s covers. Also, bonus points for her having a hero named Julian in Book 2! Had a delightful exchange with her on Twitter about both of these things!

From Carina Press, since we had a 50% off sale yesterday:

  • The Siren’s Song, by Jennifer Bray-Weber. Historical romance. With PIRATES. YARR.
  • Soul of Kandrith, by Nicole Luiken. Fantasy. Book 2 of her series.
  • Journey of Dominion, Journey of Wisdom, and Journey of the Wanderer, by Shawna Thomas. The rest of her fantasy/fantasy romance series.
  • The Guardian’s Witch, by Ruth A. Casie. Paranormal/historical romance. Grabbed this one because I thought the cover was gorgeous, and because I’ve featured this one on Boosting the Signal.
  • Firewall, by Sonya Clark. Paranormal/futuristic romance.

163 for the year.

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