Special 99 cent NIWA book sale roundup

Girls Can't Be Knights

Girls Can’t Be Knights

A bunch of other NIWA authors and I are selling ebooks for 99 cents all weekend, until Monday! You can see all the participating titles at this Facebook event, including my own Faerie Blood.

And to participate as a buyer as well as a seller, I’ve scarfed a bunch of these titles myself. I got them all from Amazon for once, since we’re a bunch of no-DRM-selling authors, and that’s one of the circumstances under which I’ll actually buy ebooks from Amazon. Behold the roundup!

  • Toy Wars, by Thomas Gondolfi. Described as ‘science fantasy of inter-toy warfare’, and this seems like the silly sort of thing I’d like to read sometimes. I’ve seen Thomas at Norwescon. He has pretty awesome huge teddy bears at his booth, and you should look for him!
  • The Witches of Dark Root and The Magick of Dark Root, by April Aasheim. Paranormal fantasy with witches.
  • Core of Confliction, by Maquel Jacob. SF along the lines of “holy crap I’m the leader of a nearly extinct race”.
  • Girls Can’t Be Knights, by Lee French. Urban fantasy. Featured just yesterday on Boosting the Signal! And while we’re on the topic of Lee French, I also grabbed her Dragons in Pieces and The Fallen.
  • Huw the Bard, by Connie J. Jasperson. Medieval fantasy in which a young man has to run from the assassins who’ve killed his father. Also grabbed her Tales from the Dreamtime, a set of novellas billing themselves as “Three Modern Fairytales”.
  • Awake: Finding Dad, by James M. McCracken. SF in which humanity tries to give the Earth time to replenish itself by putting everybody in suspended animation. But of course, this doesn’t go well for everyone…
  • At One’s Beast, by Rachel Bernard. Fantasy, centering around a yearly sacrifice to a beast in a forest–and what happens when the sacrifice doesn’t go as planned. Also got Bernard’s Ataxia and the Ravine of Lost Dreams, YA SF featuring a young heroine in a futuristic military academy.
  • Flower’s Fang, by Madison Keller. Fantasy, in which the hero is a member of a magical race, and the only one who doesn’t have magic.
  • Nouveau Haitiah, by Donald McEwing. SF, though I’m not entirely sure what it’s about, even based on reading the blurb on the Amazon page! Guess I’ll find out!
  • Masks, by E.M. Prazeman. Book 1 of her Lord Jester’s Legacy series, historical-flavored fantasy with the promise of a lot of political intrigue.

Total of 15 scarfed for this sale, which puts me at 35 for the year.

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