Mixed-media book roundup

Picked up in print from Third Place:

  • Midnight Blue-Light Special, by userinfoseananmcguire. Book 2 of the Incryptid series. Bought for obvious reasons. 🙂

Picked up in print from the comic book store at Pike Place Market:

  • Zombie Haiku and Dawn of Zombie Haiku, by Ryan Mecum. Bought because I got the first of these to give to the team as part of this past Christmas’ white elephant gift exchange and I thought it was quite silly. So I went back and got both of these. Because yes indeed, sublimely silly!

Picked up in print from Comicon:

  • Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, by Phil and Kaja Foglio. Second of the Girl Genius novels.
  • Anne Steelyard: The Gate of Dreams and Starlight and Anne Steelyard: A Thousand Waters, by Barbara Hambly. The second and third of the Anne Steelyard graphic novels, which I grabbed because a) Barbara Hambly, and b) I thought the concept of a story set in an Indiana-Jones-esque timeframe but with a female lead character sounded like fun, and c) I liked the look of the art. The table I bought them from had only books 2 and 3 though so I’m going to have to swing back and get book 1.

Grabbed for free off of B&N since it was a Friday freebie:

  • The Taken, by Vicki Pettersson. Book 1 of the Celestial Blues series. Grabbed because I liked the idea of a previously deceased P.I. from the fifties having become an angel and needing to keep a modern-day rockabilly fangirl from being murdered. Sounds like it might be a nice change of pace in urban fantasy, at least enough that I’m absolutely willing to give it a shot.

And, grabbed off of my Third Place Kobo account:

  • Mountain Echoes, by userinfomizkit! Book 8 of the Walker Papers. Grabbed because, well, DUH. 😀
  • A Turn of Light, by Julie E. Czerneda. Grabbed because as I’ve posted about before, Czerneda is one of my all-time favorite SF authors. This is her first fantasy novel!

35 for the year so far.

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