Brief hiatus breakage

I’d said something before about needing to be back on book hiatus, hadn’t I? Well, given that the new Dresden Files is VERY GODDAMN NIGH, for that I had to make an exception.

Or at least, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

Anyway, here you go, folks, a quick summation of recent ebook purchases:

  • Ghost Story, by, of course, userinfojimbutcher. Pre-ordered, even, because I HAVE TO HAVE THIS IMMEDIATELY, and I will be dropping all other reading considerations as soon as this thing shows up on my nook.
  • Labyrinth and Downpour, by userinfokatatomic. Books 5 and 6 of the Greywalker series. I’d already owned Labyrinth, but I went ahead and bought the ebook when I pre-ordered Downpour, which is also very very high. Kat Richardson has bubbled up to the top of my to-read queue and I want to get caught up on her stuff before the new one comes out.
  • One o’clock Jump, by Lise McClendon. This is a noir-era mystery currently available for free for the Kindle and for .99 for the nook, so I went ahead and yoinked it down for my Kindle apps.

userinforachelcaine‘s new Working Stiff is also very nigh, but as I’ll be buying that in mass market, I’ll count that at purchase time! So this puts me at 133.

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