Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Kickstarter update: Two weeks to go!

Backer #82 just came in (hi Kaye and thank you very much for your support!), and this brings us to 84 percent with two weeks to go on the project!

We still have time, but as I’ve said before, we can’t get complacent here!

Backer Soula found my project page on Kicktraq yesterday, and Kicktraq thinks I’m going to go over with a lot of room to spare–but that won’t happen unless pledges keep coming in! So if you’d like to help make Kicktraq’s prediction come true, and especially if you’d like to get your hands on the soundtrack, keep the signal boosted. Tell your Facebook friends. Tell your tweeps on Twitter. Tell Google+ and your blogs and mailing lists and forums and anywhere else you think might be appropriate to spread the word!

Speaking of that soundtrack, I’ll tell you this–Dara showed me some lyrics snippets she was writing last night for a little ditty she’s thinking will be called “Anarchy Now”–a song of the Free Court of Seattle. I took one look at those and immediately knew what I’ll need to be reading right in front of that, when we put this soundtrack together.

Seriously, you guys, do you know how awesome it is to have your partner writing music to go along with a book that’s coming out of your very own head? I’ll share some lyrics with you when Dara gets them to a shareable state!

(What’s the Free Court of Seattle? It doesn’t exist in Kendis’ universe, not yet–but it’s coming. There is a power shakeup coming between the Warders and the Sidhe, oh my yes. Muahaha.)

In closing: signal boost! Signal boost! Signal boost! And thank you again for all of your support and everything you do!

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