Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood Second Edition ebooks released to Kickstarter backers!

I’m thrilled to announce that the second edition of Faerie Blood has been released in ebook form (epub, PDF, Mobi, and HTML) to all my Kickstarter backers! Big, big thanks go out not only to the backers in general, but specifically to all backers who helped test the ebook files before their general release, to Dara who did all of the layout for the PDF, and of course to Kiri Moth for providing me such amazing cover art!

Now that the ebook version has been deployed, the next step will be to get the print versions ready to go out. Dara and I will confirm with Third Place that they have the final versions of the interior and cover art PDFs, and then they can start printing us some books! When those are ready, I’ll pick those up and start mailing them out to folks!

And once THAT’S done, then, I’ll start arranging to deploy for general sale! I’ll be arranging with Third Place to sell print copies on consignment, and meanwhile, the ebook editions will go up on the various big ebook-selling sites as soon as I familiarize myself with all the appropriate systems and procedures.

So those of you who didn’t get a chance to support the project but who are perhaps interested in getting hold of a second edition copy of this book–stand by! There will soon be formal opportunities for you to do so!

And meanwhile–y’all may remember that I was hand-selling copies of the Drollerie release of Faerie Blood for five bucks a pop to all interested parties. That offer is now officially voided by the completion of the Second Edition, and the new offer is this: you may buy an ebook copy of the Second Edition from me directly as of NOW, for the same five bucks a pop and in the format of your choice, if you can pay me via PayPal.

I’m EXCITED, you guys! 😀 And I’ll be even more to get this thing up for sale on all the formal channels!

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