Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

FYI: Inventory updated on my Square store

I’m getting a book order ready to mail out tonight, and so I have needed to take the time to make sure my Square storefront is up to date. I have updated the prices of my Faerie Blood and Bone Walker ebooks back to $2.99 there. Also, for anyone who might be interested in purchasing books directly from me, I currently have the following in my personal stock:

24 print copies of Faerie Blood
19 print copies of Bone Walker
10 remaining Faerie Blood ebook bundle CDs, which include ebook editions of both the first and second editions of the book

A few folks have actually bought things off my Square store lately, so many thanks to those who have done so!

The Square storefront is here, and I note as well that it includes a bundle deal for both of the print books for $25 total. In other words, if you buy them together, I will cut you a discount. (Shipping costs still apply, though!)

You can buy the ebooks directly from me on the Square storefront as well–at least, my ebooks that are indie-published. The Carina Press ones are, of course, sold by Carina Press.

Also note: the Square storefront is most useful for ordering the print copies if you’re within the US. If you’re outside the US and you want either of the print books, you should use the Bandcamp links since Bandcamp can differentiate the shipping costs. See the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages for more details on that!

Anybody should, however, be able to use the Square store to order the ebooks from me. 🙂

Any questions, let me know!

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