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Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Post-Orycon inventory update!

I currently have the following things available for direct purchase from me!

Faerie Blood

I have six total print copies of Faerie Blood left in my main stock.

Additionally, I have one extra copy that has a slightly different coloration on the cover, since it’s one of the earliest copies printed and we were still experimenting with the color tones. So it’s a bit paler than the usual copies. Still looks good though so I include this as available at the same price as the usual copies.

Bone Walker

I have 10 total print copies of Bone Walker available.

Additionally, I have two extra copies that have wildly miscolored covers. These were bad copies that came out during the original print run, and Third Place Press just let me keep them. These are available at a significant discount, since they do look very weird. These copies are otherwise fine, though!

I have another copy that has faded a bit on the spine, since it was sitting on the shelf and got some sun on it. So I consider this a cover problem as well, and will make this available at the same discount.

Lastly, I have two damaged copies of Bone Walker. These ones were originally intended for Kickstarter backers, but came back to me damaged in the post. Their covers were damaged, and since they were backer copies, they are signed made out to those backers. These are also available at a steep discount.

Faerie Blood Ebook Bundle CDs

These are the limited run of CDs I burned with an ebook bundle of Faerie Blood in various formats on them. This disc includes both the Drollerie Press edition of the book as well as the current edition. As a bonus, it also includes the short story “The Blood of the Land”.

I actually sold a copy of these at Orycon, go me! I now have eight of these left, and will not be making new ones with this specific set of files.

All of these items are purchasable via my Square store. Additionally, the print copies are available via the Bandcamp merch pages Dara set up for me, which you can find here.

The next convention I will likely have items available will be Conflikt in January, and after that, Norwescon. But if people buy from me before either of these, I’ll be in a position to do fresh print runs of both books.

Questions? Let me know!

Site Updates

Some site housekeeping notes

I’ve been in a mood to do some digital spring cleaning lately, particularly inspired by an episode of the DBSA podcast where SB Sarah interviewed Fay Wolf about her new book on how to declutter your life. Since they specifically talked about digital decluttering, I felt moved to take care of some overdue decluttering of mine.


I’ve been juggling two Gmail addresses for a while and have grown to find this burdensome. So I am in the process of decommissioning my angela.korrati address on Gmail in favor of the annathepiper one. My Contact page has been updated appropriately.

The short stories “The Blood of the Land” and “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen” have not been properly deploying out to iTunes from Smashwords. A fix for this is now in progress.

I have decommissioned the Kobo account I was using for Kobo Writing Life. I’d wound up with two different Kobo accounts when I’d had to open a second one to tie it to Third Place Books, and having two accounts was kind of stupid. Particularly given that I’d stopped deploying books directly via Writing Life, and have been trying to deploy to Kobo via Smashwords instead. So my original Kobo account, the one I’ve been using with Writing Life, has been deactivated. Right now this also means that Faerie Blood is not currently available on the Kobo site. I’m in the process of trying to fix that.

I have removed links to Oyster and to the Nook UK site from any of my titles that had them, since Oyster is pretty much dead, and since B&N has also shut down the Nook in the UK.

Meanwhile, I have done a bunch of updates to my Square store.

First, I realized that the store did not have the Cerridwen short on it. I have now corrected this problem.

The limited edition ebook bundle CD I have of both editions of Faerie Blood is now under the “Ebooks” category with the rest of the books. Also, I have set it so that each of the individual ebooks now includes in its description that I will ship copies electronically by email, AND you will be able to pick which format you want. Your options will be EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and a zip file of all three.

Also: since Square recently did an upgrade to its store system, there’s functionality now for donations. I have decided to use this to test out a Tip Jar on my Square store. The intent here is that for anyone who might have acquired a story of mine for free (such as when I ran “Cerridwen” for free on KDP or when I’ve had things set as Reader Sets Price on Smashwords), and who might want to pay for me something after the fact, this is a mechanism by which you can do that.

Last but not least: I have also now added a “Store” menu to the menu bar on the site. The “Store” link goes off to the Square store, but under that, I’ve also placed links to the Buying From Me page (which is the page for information on how to buy stuff from me directly vs. through any of the major ebook vendors), and to the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages on Bandcamp (which are the more useful places for non-US folks to go to order print copies of those books).

Any questions, please let me know!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

FYI: Inventory updated on my Square store

I’m getting a book order ready to mail out tonight, and so I have needed to take the time to make sure my Square storefront is up to date. I have updated the prices of my Faerie Blood and Bone Walker ebooks back to $2.99 there. Also, for anyone who might be interested in purchasing books directly from me, I currently have the following in my personal stock:

24 print copies of Faerie Blood
19 print copies of Bone Walker
10 remaining Faerie Blood ebook bundle CDs, which include ebook editions of both the first and second editions of the book

A few folks have actually bought things off my Square store lately, so many thanks to those who have done so!

The Square storefront is here, and I note as well that it includes a bundle deal for both of the print books for $25 total. In other words, if you buy them together, I will cut you a discount. (Shipping costs still apply, though!)

You can buy the ebooks directly from me on the Square storefront as well–at least, my ebooks that are indie-published. The Carina Press ones are, of course, sold by Carina Press.

Also note: the Square storefront is most useful for ordering the print copies if you’re within the US. If you’re outside the US and you want either of the print books, you should use the Bandcamp links since Bandcamp can differentiate the shipping costs. See the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker pages for more details on that!

Anybody should, however, be able to use the Square store to order the ebooks from me. 🙂

Any questions, let me know!

Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

I now have a marketplace on Square

Thanks to having gotten a Kickstarter update from the nice folks at Crossed Genres (who are taking preorders for their new title Hidden Youth right over here and you should go and check that out), I now know that Square has the ability to set up storefronts for people who sell via them.

And with that in mind: BEHOLD! I now have a Square storefront!

Available for sale on this are the Faerie Blood and Bone Walker ebooks, the print editions, and the remaining copies I have of the Faerie Blood ebook bundle CD (which includes both editions of Faerie Blood, as well as the short story “The Blood of the Land”).

This will NOT be supplanting the Bandcamp pages that Dara set up for the two paperback books–those will remain the best way to order the paperbacks from me if you’re not in the US, since Square doesn’t handle international shipping. But if you’re in the US, this will now be an option for you if you’d like to buy my books.

Please spread the word!