Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Possible final shipping cover art for Faerie Blood!

Check it out, Internets! Kiri Moth just sent me what may well be the final shipping version of the Faerie Blood second edition cover art!

Light and Music and Magic

Light and Music and Magic

Barring any final tweaks Dara will need her to make to get the layout to work, I’m thinking this is it. I really like the colors of Kendis’ outfit, and the overall feel of the scene being drenched in light, which is absolutely appropriate given that the idea here is that Kendis is not only playing her violin, she’s throwing off a huge swirl of magical power. And magic does make a light show in her universe, so!

Accordingly I’m also pretty okay with the background seeming a bit washed out by comparison–because it’s getting drenched in that light. And also, title and blurb text and such need to go cover most of the background anyway, so it’s all right if they’re much less distinct by comparison than Kendis herself!

Tell me what you think, people, and remember–if you want an ebook or a print book with this gorgeous thing on it, the Kickstarter is waiting right over here!

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